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We wanted to create a design collection that you could use to add some classic style to your project whether you are embroidering evening accessories, elegant linens or an heirloom piece. My Blackwork collection is a versatile set of ornamental designs, professionally digitized for beautiful results... [More]
The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Being Thankful is a Life Long Joy; and a Freebie for gifting your family, friends, & especially, yourself.

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Being Thankful is a Life Long Joy; and a Freebie for gifting your family, friends, & especially, yourself.

At the holiday season many people are alive with a warmer and happier mood. This outlook is one that gives us a feeling of joy and love for all. How great would it be if you could keep that warmth constant and continual?

Every point of light, every deed of kindness and every act of compassion is a sign to all that you have something very worthy of sharing with the world.

I am preaching to the choir; embroiderers are among the most giving and sharing group that I have ever had the privilege of surrounding myself with. My readership rewards me with their appreciation with emails directly to me. I do wish that you would make a comment below to share to others. Constructive criticism is always welcome and valued.

My Freebie this time is excellent in so many ways. It is in "3D" and you are just going to love the look! It is created in 5x7 (125mm x 175mm) size, a single color and 28k stitches. Additionally, I added a Freebie in the 'normal' satin, in 5x7 (125mm x 175mm) size, single color with 10k stitches.

My software creates the "3D" design by creating multiple passes. It has (I am thinking) 2 layers of underlay. If you cannot see much difference between the two photo samples, you really can see the change in person. 

My chosen word has no boundaries; any philosophy, any religion, any creed can appreciate it -


This Freebie is a "3D" and shown in the first photo. I am using a patched up single piece of Badgemaster. The needle penetrations are over 28,000 with many being very close together. If you are using another stabilizer, I recommend you use 2 or 3 layers. You may or may not get a strong top stabilizer, Badgemaster is the key for any good outcome of your project. 

There is not a misstep or failure of the topping of this design. The "3D" satin stitching is eye-catching and sure to be noticed. I used a single layer of cutaway for the back since it is for a pillow and will be getting some handling. 

The second design is satin only and with any use of Badgemaster, just a pinch and pull will tear it away from the fabric.  Water is actually not needed unless you have some VERY small openings. 

satin home 5x7 10k 1 color The Avid Embroiderer.zip (100.7KB)

This photo does not show much difference. The in person design is absolutely striking! 

I have a blog that I still find to be very informative and the lowdown on Badgemaster

To purchase Badgemaster in a sample size or the very large economy size, click here

TIP #1: If you plan to place this design on a fabric with a 'nap', use your smallest scissors and trim, at about a 30°, toward the fabric. That will eliminate any of the cloth's nap away from the words, otherwise it can lay over lettering making it appear fuzzy.

Tip #2: Be sure to start with a new needle on the 3D design, it is a good insurance for a great outcome. Additionally, be sure to have a reasonably full spool of thread. The 28000+ stitches vary in size but some are 5mm as apposed to approximately 2.5mm in standard stitching.

Tip #3: If you want even more depth, you can place a piece of dense fabric between the back and the backing stabilizer. A light weight foam will give it even more thickness. 

As a bonus Freebie, I hope you will like this one from June 2018, click on the picture to get the design - 

This blog is dedicated to a reader who reminded me why I do these articles. Her comment made my day, I would enjoy  hearing from each of you as well. Thanks for stopping by ❣

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This design is really terrific on a toss pillow. Or, you could add it to a favorite design for a lovely wall hanging.

I really hope you enjoy using it.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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