The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Creating a Healthier Environment and a Freebie with as much joy as you can handle.

In the past few days, the World has lost two very beloved persons and likely many more that are unnamed. Kate Spade, an innovative pioneer for simplicity and color, and Anthony Bordain, a brash and globe-trotting chef are well known artists in their own right and we wish them comfort and peace. Our condolences to the friends and especially family of both of them.

I personally feel that embroidery brings out the very best in people. Among the benefits of this craft are:

  • Stimulating the mind with ever changing and increasing techniques.
  • Collecting interesting, innovative designs the same way you might collect stamps.
  •  Allowing your personal creativity to blossom.
  • Earning the admiration of family and friends.
  • Decorating with heirloom projects and/or include keepsake items into your project.
  • Socializing with like-minded people.
  • Some studies suggest it can even help the brain combat damage caused by normal aging. (hmm. . . )
  • Encouraging focus.
  • More benefits that I could ever imagine. . .

Perhaps embroidery needs to be considered for the Olympics.

My project and Freebie is going to be very colorful. You can change the colors to suit yourself and décor.

Love - Starting with self-love, extend that love to those around you and outward.

Hope - The cornerstone of creating a dream. Start with hope, go to a plan, create the atmosphere for success and your dream will be waiting for you.

Faith - Confidence in yourself and the power you seek in your life.

Thank you for stopping by, I know just how busy people are these days.

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