The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Hope is always free and abundant for all. And, a Freebie to celebrate life

As the Coronavirus engulfs us all, I encourage you to focus on the positive things in life. Here are a couple of things you can do, especially if you have children at home. 

  • Spend time talking about the future. If children are only hearing the statistics and foreboding in all the media, it produces anxiety that we all are experiencing.
  • Consider writing a first person account of the daily events. History will give a bleak picture of today and your more objective and positive observations could be very interesting.
  • Find a place to chalk positive thoughts, like the sidewalk or street, your house or places for others to see. People will be walking to their mailbox, exercising and driving to shop for food, be a beacon of light.
  • Give a family member, friend or anyone a phone call, email or text. It can be very lonely for some people, and your voice will be a welcome guest. 
  • Sit down at your favorite craft and share the learning experience with others. It is a good time to teach others something they may love doing.
  • You do have the time to be creative. Even 10 minutes doing embroidery or other craft can be very therapeutic. 
  • There are so many positive things you can do. Please add your suggestions in the Comments below. You may inspire someone who needs a lift. 
Here is my Freebie for you to  enjoy. It is a companion to my "home" Freebie from November, 2019. Today is the best time to look toward the future, and remember, This too shall pass**

Here is my 'hope' design. There are two types, the first is a simple satin stitch and the second is a 3D-satin stitch. You can see that the 5"x7" classic satin is around 9k stitches and the 3D-satin around 24k. I do love the 3D because it has a different look, more opulent (IMHO) 

As with the 'home' design, be sure to place extra stabilizer under the fabric. And, lightweight fabric is really not suitable for this dense design. 

**There is no “This too shall pass bible verse” in any translation of the Bible in existence today.   This obviously may come as a surprise to some however in the Bible there is a Bible verse in 2 Corinthians that speaks on our troubles not lasting forever and that these troubles and situations that we are faced with actually help to produce a glory that vastly outweighs any of them. (Info courtesy of this link is filled with positive info, including Joel Osteen quotes.

My best wishes to all my readers. Staying safe is your #1 priority today. I know you are being vigilant of your family, be sure you treat yourself with the same, highest love. 

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