The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Unique & Simple Tips, & A Design for Your Design Stash

Since I began doing these Unique & Simple Tricks, I have had a lot of new ideas and creative tips. Maya Angelou said it very well -  "You cannot use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."

Your personal creativity is enhanced here at Ann's site. One of those that I think is both humorous and a really great gift. Can you say "unusual house warming gift?" Embroidery gives us a really great opportunity to create a unique present for someone who is unique.

Tip #1, this tip is one that embroiderers everywhere will appreciate.

Sometimes I feel like I need between 3 and 12 hands to do a project. A resolution to my issue has finally surfaced. I like my answers to be easy and not expensive.

I have an extra cutting mat that is in good shape. If you have one that has seen better days, check this one out and retire your 'oldie' for this high quality mat. These mats are basically a petroleum product and tend to be a little pricey. The old one will make a great 'template' for this time saver.

Place the small and medium hoops on the mat and align them with the markings already on the mat. Getting a good layout (and photo thereof. . .) is important. Take a little time to check where you want to place your hoops. For instance, if you want to add your larger hoop, you may need to arrange it to work with the small and medium placement. However, it is unlikely that you will need to use the template for multiple hoops at the same time, so overlapping them should not be a problem.

I used the sliders that would be placed under the legs to move furniture.  I was careful to place the slider snug against the hoop. As I removed and re-installed the hoop, I found that it was a close fit which was exactly what the doctor ordered.

The 'holder' does not take a lot of room and was very inexpensive. I am pleased with mine.

Tip #2 is one that I have used this kitchen tip for so long that I thought everyone knew it. Sometimes we all have to do dishes by hand, not my favorite job. Along with the squirt of dish detergent, I add a splash of "Finish Jet Dry" (or Cascade or similar rinse aid). Not only do my dishes sparkle more than with just soap, my sink actually gets a treatment as well, making It actually shine too. Love those tips that are two-fer. I did try to get a photo of the before, soap only or soap and rinse aid but the photos just were not able to pick up the differences very well.

My third and last tip is also a kitchen idea. I wear both glasses and contact lenses. Keeping the contacts clean is important to my eye health. Like so many other things, the overnight holders can be full of nasty germs. I place them in the silverware tray of my dishwasher and place two or three forks to keep the lightweight lens cups from flying all over the place. I do it once a week and feel that my cleaning cups are better for it.

Here is my Freebie for this blog. The last time, I did a 'grass' design to add to your cache of designs. This one is 'raindrops' for the same use. There are two colors so that you may use just one or both for your design.

I could not pass up something just for dad, so here is my "Hey, Dad - ". Hope you get a smile from it.

You can relax,
Dad, the firing
squad is on a
coffee break. . .


Hey Dad,
Your bail
bondsman has
not called lately,
I guess things
must be going
well . . .

I know that I am blessed with each blog I have the opportunity to do. I hope you find blessings, they are all around you. Thanks for stopping by! Pat
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