The Avid Embroiderer Presents - A last minute gift for anyone on your list.

No matter how I plan and get prepared for the holidays, especially Christmas (for me), there are always last minute details that need to be attended to.  One particularly difficult factor is an unexpected visitor who brings you a gift.  My mother always had something that was a generic style of present that could be reciprocated on the spot.  This blog deals with exactly that type of item.

I am starting with a simple bar of soap.  I know that most of us use the liquid hand soap today, but this is really decorative in nature.  I chose Dial because I like the fragrance.  Perhaps others like another soap, and I could actually get several bars of differing names to have a choice.  If I know that someone likes and uses a certain brand, I would give them that bar.

I am using a very shallow dish with just a small amount of water, I want to make the bar acceptable to the design I will be using but not a lot of the bar. 

It only took about 4 minutes to get the bar ready for the application.  We have all seen a bar of soap that looks this way, but this one is intentional!  You may notice that the bobbin has the cuff to keep it from unwinding.  It really works very well and you can see the instructions here.

The design I am using is a freestanding lace (FSL) and fits the bar exactly.  The size is 2" (50mm) by 3-1/2" (87mm).  I decided on metallic thread for an added sparkle.  If you need tips on FSL, see here:   If you are having issues with metallic threads, here are some ideas to help you:

A note on metallic threads - If you have an old spool of metallic thread, you may find that the vendor's earlier attempts at creating metallic thread left a lot to be desired.  I sincerely recommend that you consider a set of new spools.  this thread has come a long way and is very user friendly now.  This package is 24 spools of metallic thread for just over $2 each, is a bargain, IMHO.

I removed the Badgemaster stabilizer from the design and while the soap was still very damp, I hand pressed it into the soap. After it dries, it will be ready for placing it into a gift bag OR using as a decoration for a gift.

Don't forget that FSL designs make excellent decorations.  Place them on wreaths, trees, tables, gifts and anywhere a spot of color can be used.  
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