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Ever since I recognized that my retirement was going to be upon me quickly (about 10 years ago), I was planning to do something with all that free time that was interesting, fun and hopefully, profitable.  At the same time, I discovered machine embroidery.

I cannot sew a stitch - well maybe a stitch or two can be acceptable - but when I saw the possibility of selling my embroidery, I was doubly hooked.   Along the way I found Etsy.  If you have not looked at Etsy, you are missing some interesting things.

Etsy is a selling venue for crafters of all types.  Your item must be hand made in some fashion.  For instance, I sell hankies for brides.   I don't have to make the hankie, but I must create something crafty with that hankie.The hankies are not expensive and I sell them for $25 each.

Here are examples of the embellishment(s):



  Here is a photo of the very lovely and elegant gloves I sell. The one drawback to this design is that it must be done in cotton thread, both top and bobbin. 

(Photos courtesy of Advanced Embroidery)


Cotton, while an excellent thread, is full of lint. See the lint gathered just above foot attach. Here is what happened to my machine - - -



By the time I was done, it was a lot worse!  So I did have to do some cleaning, that cotton was throwing lint everywhere.

I love them and hope that brides and prom attendees will love them too.

And, since it is nearing the holiday season, I started putting together my FSL mini ornaments that I attach to bows, small decorations and in cards.  I love doing them, but they can be a problem because of their size.  They tend to curl up and when they dry, they remain in that position so use this method,  sandwich the FSL between a folded towel for flat designs and faster drying. 






If you would like more information on FSL, check my original blog on stabilizer and FSL.

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Love your ideas and information.

I love your ideas also, the bridal glove is beautiful.

I've used this bridal glove pattern and it didn't fit me.  Oh I was disappointed because I know my niece has larger hands than I do.  If you stitch this pattern out it is a must to check the wrist size as well as the length from the center finger to wrist before stitching, and adjust the pattern if needed.  Just an FYI.

mdetwilr - thanks for that information.  That was a concern of mine as well.

I had taken my 'sample' to Joann's and asked several women to try it on and I did not have that issue.  

There is some 'give' in the design and one could adjust the buttons and/or use a 'collar extender' if needed.  

Thanks so much for that input.


I really like the wedding gloves.eat work

tourlady522 10/16/2010 8:03:44 PM

Hi Pat, What a great idea for the gloves.

Where can we get the pattern from?


Your bridal gloves are beautiful!  Not sure I would want to deal with the mess of the cotton thread though!  You are a brave one!  And talented!

Hello Bonnie!  That is an Advanced Embroidery design.  (I forgot to give them credit for the photo.)   I really love FSL and am working on some other ideas with those types of designs.

Hi Yvetted!  I did need a bit of bravery to do this one.  But cleaning up was not very difficult.  I use a cotton swab that I twisted so that it was 'firm' and carefully cleaned it out.  I put a drop of water on it to help it adhere.  I did NOT put the swab in water.

Did everyone like the bridal idea?  I have more that I am planning to use for myself.  If you want to hear more of them, let me know.  

I love to share and I want to give you things you that you are interested in.  


brotheronly 10/18/2010 3:34:33 PM

I really love the hankie idea, it is just beautiful


Beautiful gloves!  Really like your ideas!

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