The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Gifts that you were dreaming about. And, a design for Valentine’s Day.

Now that the holidays are over, (thank goodness for small blessings) I am seeing a lot of people joining Facebook Groups that are Machine Embroidery oriented. So many of the newbies, recipients of an embroidery machine are excited, thrilled, and very uncertain where to begin this new craft.

For you Newbies, and a refresher for seasoned embroiderers, here is a brief synopsis of how to get your toes wet and maybe a little something that will make you very proud of your craftiness.

Let’s start with a few basic rules/truisms -

  • Your machine, regardless of make or model is a forgiving (about 95% of the time) piece of equipment. As any computer driven activity, it follows what you tell it to do. This ‘learning curve’ will be your companion for your entire embroidery lifetime. You never can learn everything; embroidery is alive and blooming everywhere. I started embroidery in December, 2001 and still learning!
  • Your machine's manual covers the workings of the machine and some trouble shooting information. It does not teach you to sew out a design or create a project. Glance through the document reading whatever interests you. You need some experience with the machine before much of the manual will make sense to you.
  • Expect to get lots of advice and keep in mind that what works for one person may or may not work for you. There are multiple reasons for that, including but not limited to - differences in machines, thread, material and even humidity. Humidity? - yes, in dry/humid/rainy places, thread and materials can be like your hair (enough said). Thread is specific to embroidery, don't try using 'universal' types of threads.
  • Read blogs, including mine. Most bloggers discuss how to work with a design and its fabrics. That is a great way to learn. Some bloggers do troubleshooting, tips and tricks and Freebies. (That would be me. . . ) You can click on The Avid Embroiderer in Ann's title area above to see lots of things that may well help you.
  • Learn the terms used like ITH, recipe and underlay. I do have a general "simple listing" of those words. You may want to keep that link handy. It is not perfect, but it is a good start.
  • Lastly (well not really lastly, but - ) start playing with your machine. Here is a simple plan for your first try to get a feel for the process and have fun.
  1. Simplified steps for your first, or practice, sew out.

    1.    Look over the built-in designs in your machine and select one of the simpler designs.

    2.    Place 'tear-away' in the hoop topped with (perhaps) a piece of denim or denim article of clothing you could part with, if necessary.

    3.    Make sure your hoop is snug and the fabric/stabilizer taut in that hoop. Lightly press down on the fabric,
    it will have a small amount of ‘give’ but not a large indentation.

    4.    Begin sewing with the thread color of choice. Continue while watching the stitches turn into a design. (That is part of the FUN!)

    5.    Leave your project in the hoop. Trim any jump stitches, front and back. You should look over the design seeking errors, gaps or misaligned stitching. Leaving it in the hoop allows for you to resew any parts that may need repair.

    6.    Rip off the stabilizer and CONGRATULATIONS, you are an experienced embroiderer.


    Here is my Freebie, I think I am very happy with it. You can add wording with names and dates into or outside of the heart. Enjoy giving yourself, family or BFF’s a lovely design. With all the options for Valentine's Day, here is my take on a clean uncomplicated design.

    "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."- Leonardo da Vinci.

Thank you for your attendance and interest in my thoughts and ideas. You are appreciated very much. 

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I truly hope you enjoy my Freebies. This site is the BEST of the BEST ❣ Select 'The Avid Embroiderer' link in the Title Area above (all the way above) to find more Freebies.  Here is one of my personal favorites -  

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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