The Best $10 You Will Ever Spend for Machine Embroidery

There are so many gadgets on the market for machine embroidery. I'll show you what I think is the best investment you will ever make for under $10!

I recently purchased a thread stand and wonder why it took so long. This thread stand, from Designs in Machine Embroidery, is a great choice and a great value at just $9.99. The base is weighted so that it does not tip over easily. It holds thread sizes from mini spools up to thread cones and that is just one of the reasons that a thread stand is beneficial.

Less problems with thread breaking.

Because it sits by your machine, thread stands provide a clean path for thread to feed into your machine. Less tangles mean less problems. They also eliminate many problems with metallic threads since thread has time to relax before entering the machine.

More Economical.

It is nearly impossible to use large cone thread on your machine unless you have a thread stand. With a stand, you can purchase the larger sized threads at less cost per meter. Take Exquisite Poly, for instance. The 1,000-meter spools are $4.49, which is very reasonable. But 5,000-meter cones are just $5.24. That means that you can get five times the amount of thread at less cost per meter.

I buy jumbo spools of bobbin thread and wind my own bobbins at significant savings over buying smaller spools, even when they are on sale. Of course, nothing beats pre-wound bobbins

What is your most favorite best-value purchase for machine embroidery?

Debbie SewBlest

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I have several of these stands and I agree they are just wonderful!

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