Combining Fonts: Mix and Match While They are 75% Off!

It doesn't get much better than 75% off, so now is the time to buy fonts! Most of the time, you should keep it simple when it comes to creating text. I will show you some options for combining fonts to make your embroidery even more stunning!

Above left, the Football Applique design would look good standing on it's own like a monogram for an athlete or sports buff. If you want to add other letters to it for a team mascot (like Bulldogs), having all of the letters in the applique design may be too overwhelming. Consider using a B from the Football Applique design set and adding ulldogs in another font, such as College Sports Outline, above right. They are similar and readable without overkill.

Fonts like Tinkertoy are easy to read and can be used for brief wording, like a child's name or teacher's name.
Baby themes, like Building Blocks, work if spelling out a single name. A child's first name, the word BABY, BOY, GIRL, or LOVE, would all work. 
Want to make a personalized baby item look even more original? Use Building Blocks for the first letter of the name and use upper case or lower case letters like Baskerville for the rest.