Embroidered Greetings Cards

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Christmas Tree Skirt from Table Runners

To take a simple or plain idea and mold it into something personal and unique is always rewarding. Michelle Gauthier created a special Christmas tree skirt to become a focal point for holiday cheer in her home. Without spending a lot she gave of her time and love to bring special smiles to those aro... [More]

Simple Baby Quilt for Cold Northern Winters

Creating keepsakes for loved ones is such a joy for those who love to sew. With her simple blankets, Sue Kerlin shows us how she continues her love of giving to family even when life is too full for intricate details.Sue's Description:I picked this pattern of baby quilt because I am not a detail... [More]

A Little Treasure - Should I Or Shouldn't I?

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The Perfect Gift - Embroidered Wine Bottle Bags

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Race Car Themed Quilt for "Big Boy Bed"

Every child's first birthday is exciting and every mother wants to create great memories of the event. This race car themed quilt was created by Gina Martinez to complete her son's graduation to a "Big Boy Bed" and give him a special birthday memory to cherish for years to come.Gen... [More]

Blown Away By Baby Blankets

This project was submitted by Kim Yunkun. I chose to post this one because it is simple but beautiful and any level of embroiderer can do it. Not everyone is an expert, but everyone can share the sense of pride that we all feel when we've accomplished something. Sometimes, when we've been do... [More]

Share Your Creations with our Community!

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Quick Project - Blackwork Placemats

We wanted to create a design collection that you could use to add some classic style to your project whether you are embroidering evening accessories, elegant linens or an heirloom piece. My Blackwork collection is a versatile set of ornamental designs, professionally digitized for beautiful results... [More]
The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Information you may not know about lingerie. A freebie that celebrates the 4th of July.

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Information you may not know about lingerie. A freebie that celebrates the 4th of July.

Looking through my previous blogs, I checked`my Lingerie Blog and remembered that there are some interesting things we may or may not already know about the fabric common to our special outfits and nightwear. Did you know the weave style, tricot, is called 'warp-knit?' Additionally, in that same blog is a tip for selecting a well digitized design.

Another informative blog is about embroidering on leather. Leather is tricky and very eye catching. For those gifts that keep on giving, nothing is more prized than leather - unless you are in to diamonds. A jacket for a teenager is one that will be the hit of the event, birthday, graduation or holidays.

Something else that may be of interest to you is my blog on selecting thread colors that YOU will actually use. I personally purchased a set of 30 spools in 2001. Frankly, I still have many of those hanging around. Buying a set may be a good idea, but if the colors are passe or poor quality, it is not much of a bargain.

My freebie for this blog is a salute to the upcoming holiday, July 4. I remember the days that the parade on that holiday was an event to look forward to. When I found this sketch, I was hooked. I hope you like it too.


4th of July designs are on SALE AT 70% OFF. Be sure to click on the picture for a link to that design and many, many more!

It truly is my pleasure to bring information and a freebie to you twice monthly. Enjoy . . .

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