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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - More Unique Tips and A Circus Ringleader

The Avid Embroiderer Presents - More Unique Tips and A Circus Ringleader

I hope you are learning and enjoying my Unique Tips Series. Most of these tips are ones I thought up my self - but some have been gleaned from other places where I thought the idea was worthy of your consideration.

One of the last tips was - To add a splash of 'Finish' or the like, into your hand dish washing. I forgot to mention that adding it to your liquid window cleaner creates a much better shine for your windows and mirrors as well.

Unique Tip #1 -Like so many others, I am plagued with too much paperwork. I can remember, in approximately the 1970s, there was a phrase "paperless society." I have no further comment to that! 

Because I know that some info must be kept for various reasons, I do own a two drawer filing cabinet. I have tried to restructure it especially for those files that are very thick. A magazine rack is exactly what I needed. They are inexpensive and sturdy.

Since the rack and cabinet are both black (why, oh why do they emboss instructions on Tvs, et al, in black on black??) I marked the rack with post-it-notes in blue. Here the rack is, unloaded and loaded. No more messy/mangled files. Additionally, I could place several large folders into the space.

Tip #2 I am always looking for the 'right' cord for my tech devices and/or an extension cord.  I have an over the door hanging rack to keep my cord together and easy to find. Otherwise they were jammed in a drawer and tangled for those who are patient enough to untangle them. Don't forget those holiday lights, this is an easy way to store them. BTW - if you thinks this photo looks messy, it is the best I could hope for! And, now you have an interesting thing to hang in your 'guest' closet.

Tip #3  You may already know that your bed pillow is not exactly the cleanest place in your home. The realistic time frame for keeping a pillow is 2 years! Without going into details about the condition of the pillows, but the thought of placing them in a landfill made me queasy. So, I found several alternative uses for the offending pillow.
  • Make floor pillows. Frankly, this is not my favorite, but it does work.
  • Donate them to homeless shelters and dog shelters.
  • Create a draft snake for your exterior doors.
  • Give to textile recyclers  (check locally), which sell the fibers to be made into things like industrial rags, carpets and insulation.
In any event, do consider retiring your old pillows. A fresh pillow has a wonderful feel and aroma.

BTW, if you have kids or adults that act like kids, here is a fun summer site for them  

My Freebie is a great option for July 4, but since that date is over for this year, I think this Freebie will make a terrific design, along with the Majorette from last time, for a babies room or even a fun, circus-styled playroom.

Watch for the next circus design, you will want the next one for the many fun things it can be applied to (really cool on a T-shirt). 

Thank you for stopping by. Your participation makes my labor of love very rewarding. 

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There isn't an active link to the freebie.

OMG ❣  Sorry about that, I have fixed it - 7/8/19  10:30 am.

When I am perfect, I know my kids will let me know. . .

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