Why Badgemaster? Quality, Versatility, and Value!

If you have never used Badgemaster, why not? Here are five reasons to try Badgemaster stabilizer today!

You can pretty much stitch any design on it.
Yes, it is that heavy duty. A water-soluble stabilizer (WSS) primarily designed for creating freestanding lace, Badgemaster is also strong enough to replace your ordinary stabilizer in a pinch. It is ideal for freestanding applique.

It’s heavier than other WSS on the market.
There is nothing wrong with other brands, but you may need two layers (or three) compared to one layer of Badgemaster. That saves money.

Where else can you get 30-inch, 50-yard roll of stabilizer?

No need to buy a roll for each hoop size you own. You can cut the stabilizer down to the size you need. That saves money. If the 15-inch roll lasted Pat “The Avid Embroiderer” three years, imagine how long the 30-inch roll will last?

It tears away easily and washes away clean.

Sturdy enough to stitch out lace, Badgemaster also tears away cleanly making it great for applique and quilting. Plus, there is no bulky stabilizer left. It washes away!

Nothing goes to waste.

Because it is sturdy and water soluble, Badgemaster scraps can be patched together. Just wet and overlay the edges. When dry, it can be hooped and used like new.


What do you have to lose?

Its on sale this week too! Click here to view Badgemaster Stabilizer now.

Comments (2) -

It really is that good and better.  When I need to clear up a tear, it is the best of the best.  I also use it any substitute of a stabilizer I might be out of - it is that versatile.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Good to know, Pat! Nobody wants to spend good money (and valuable time) on a product that doesn't work.

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