The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Wall Flowers that are Beautiful and Two Freebies, check it out.

I am in a decorating mood and saw a 3D picture on a wall in a magazine. The photo was of a plain piece of fabric with (it appears) stuffing to make the texture more alive. I liked it but thought it needed a little something, like something embroidered.

Here is my take on that decoration. I sewed the cut out in red so it will be viewable, but you will want to use your own color selection. I think using some batting behind the fabric may also add to the interest.

It is really very simple in design and would make a great wall decoration in just about any room in the house. Attach it to  the glass portion of a frame for something worthy of compliments and admiration.

Frankly, I have seen more than enough 'bathroom' humor or pictures to last a lifetime. I am thinking (if and when I ever find a permanent home) at least 2, 3 or 4 of these will look great on the powder room's neglected walls. I think it will make a lighthearted statement with different flowers and/or similar types of fabrics or even frames. The options are so limitless.

You might even want to place one of the 'air' types of plants which don't require dirt to grow.
These are called Tiger Striped Leaf Air Plants. According to the link (click on the photo for that link) many of these air plants do flower, including these. Geeze, maybe I could keep these alive, after all, they give instructions with them. (FYI- They donate $1 from each order to help fund a school in Guatemala.)

Don't forget to cut the inside of the first thread sew out. There is a second sew around and then the satin finish for the opening.

Just  in time for Father's Day -

Happy Father's Day to all my readers, family and friends. Holidays don't need to be costly, they need a loving hand crafted gift from the heart. (Well, except for the above. . . )
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