Holiday Travel, Needles & African Folklore Embroidery

I used to be a really nervous flyer, every bump, thump, or noise would startle me. Reading just would not relax me and chatting to the passenger next to me would not succeed in calming me.

Things began changing for me once I started bringing my African Folklore Embroidery kit on board the airplane. The kit includes the design (pre-drawn on black fabric), needle and African threads. There are many items you are not allowed to bring on an airplane, in fact the list sometimes seems endless, but needles for sewing are ALLOWED. The minute I know I am going on to a trip to lecture or teach in another city or state, i decide which project i am going to work on.

I just returned this weekend from a trip to New York and almost completed the entire poppy flower design on the flight from JFK to Los Angeles. My trip to Minnesota a few months ago allowed me to complete the elephant kettle design and I am already planning what I am going to stitch on my flight to Phoenix, AZ in December where i will be teaching three days of classes at Bernina Connection, including a special class for children, called teaching the next generation to stitch through African Folklore Embroidery.

Given the holiday season coming up and that many people travel, whether by plane, train or road to visit family and friends, this is the perfect time to get started on one of our beautiful African Folklore Embroidery designs. With this in mind we are offering FREE SHIPPING  on all order from now till November 30th.

It is amazing, how many people do not know that you are allowed to bring needles on an airplane. This allows me (guilt free) time to pursue one of my favorite pleasures and has even resulted in me looking forward to my flying time. 

Remember there is still time to enter your completed  African Folklore Embroidery design in a special exhibition at the Road to California Quilt show, Ontario, CA , Jan 14-17th, 2010. Entry forms are online and we are offering cash prizes for first, second and third place. There is also a separate children's category.  You can find the entry form here.


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thecomputerist 11/14/2009 1:48:17 PM

Thanks for that valuable information about traveling with needles.  I love the fact that somethings are considered to be a wonderful and simple pasttime for us!

If you are traveling, please see my latest blog, it gives you information on finding a good seat on the airline you travel.  

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

Fantastic to know you can stitch on flights . Wish I'd known this a month ago tho. when i had a 7 hour flight to Saudi . First I'd ever made on my own. Next time won't be so bad with my trusty needle in my hand . It always takes my mind off my worries.  Maldon mum

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Embroidered Pool Towels: Designs and Tips

Embroidered Pool Towels: Designs and Tips

This weekend kicks off summer’s official start. That makes it the perfect time to embroider some towels to take along to the pool or the beach.

These designs will work well for adults and kids and they are on sale, so you can create a custom towel for everyone!


Jacobean Flamingo


A Drink in My Hand


Beach Time


Colorful Fish


Sea Horse


Colorful Gecko


Anchor and Fish


Surf Boards


Tips for embroidering on towels:

  • Buy a quality towel. Wash and dry it before embroidery.
  • Use polyester thread. It will hold up better around chlorine.
  • Hoop sticky Vilene and float the towel on the stabilizer.
  • Baste the towel in the hoop to help hold it in place.
  • Use a topper over the towel where the design will stitch.
  • Use the same color bobbin thread so the back looks nice.
  • Choose embroidery designs, like those above, with plenty of fill stitching. Open designs will allow towel loops to pop through.
  • Embossed designs work well as they have underlay stitches built in that flatten the nap of the towel around the design.
  • When done embroidering, trim away as much water soluble stabilizer as possible and launder to remove the rest.


Debbie SewBlest

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Debbie, Great tips and ideas for those decorative and useful towels.

Did you know that people seldom discard towels? Most people keep them, after their drying life is over, for so many uses like cleaning everything, under messy projects and creating potholders, etc.

This is one gift that keeps on giving and giving and, well, you get the idea.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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