Multi-Media = Major Fun!

As exciting as standard embroidery is, you'll reach a creative crescendo when you add other elements.
When you incorporate everyday elements with even the simplest embroidery, the result is almost always a pleasing surprise.
In this example, "The Busy Bride" from the Circle of Life design set by Deegee Hitzfelder, a button in the form of a teapot 
was used to replace the embroidered teapot. What an adorable design!

teapot button









 I have also used a cookie jar button and even a flat button with a rim to represent a plate. The other two designs, Sweet Youth and Labor of Love round out the set for a great Mother's Day gift!

 Cookie Jar

  trio circle of life








The next two examples are from my book "Dimensional Machine Embroidery".

The lampshade was made by attaching silk flower
and petals with an embroidered center. Silk petals can be plucked from silk flower stems or purchased in jars at any large craft store.
Hold them in place temporarily by using a light coating from a glue stick or embroidery spray adhesive.

lampshade silk flowers

The last multimedia example is one of my favorites. The foundation of the project is a photo of my front yard printed on printable
fabric using an inkjet printer. Then, I embroidered the squirrel and bird onto the printed fabric in appropriate locations.
Finally, I embroidered the kitty on a piece of medium-weight clear vinyl with an overlay of padded fabric as a window seat. The
whole scene was mounted in a barn wood frame and I cut the crossbars from square dowels purchsed at a hobby store.

Vinyl window

I hope that these three examples have inspired you to think about how you can add some ordinary items to make your embroidery extraordinary.

The Circle of Life  design set and my books are available at my web site,

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Love the buttons on the towels, very cute.  I did an embroidered window scene, a few years ago, using material for the window frame.  Your use of the wooden window looks so much better!

busycrowstudio 4/23/2011 2:08:56 PM

I love seeing new ways to incorporate machine embroidery; I have a new 'entry level' machine and am already dying to do more than just clothing or towels!

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