Avoiding a Major Stabilizer Malfunction

 My name is Debbie and I was a victim of a stabilizer malfunction.

I have been doing this long enough to know better. Remember this reversible applique project? It's one I won't forget any time soon.

Stabilizer Malfunction

At the time, I didn't tell you about the huge blunder on my part. What I thought was water-soluble mesh stabilizer was, in fact, light mesh cut-away. Similar appearance. Big difference.

So, instead of throwing out was otherwise a new, decent-quality kitchen towel, I spent hours cutting, trimming, and pulling more than 4,000 satin stitches. Never again!

 I have seen stabilizer snap straps advertised. They are yellow, come in a package of six, and range in price from $13 to $20. They are basically slap bracelets: flexible metal that opens flat or snaps around a wrist or . . . stabilizer roll.

Stabilizer Straps

I found these at a craft store for $1 each. I like the bright colors. Use a permanent arker or label maker to identify stabilizer types on each band. If you are really ambitious, stitch up some sleeves with stabilizer types on them and slip the slap bracelets inside. Here are some free design files (Cut-Away, Tear-Away, Adhesive, Water Soluble) for you to stitch on your slap bracelet sleeves. You wouldn't even have to sew them together. Just stitch on felt, sandwich a slap bracelet in between, and glue the edges.

Inexpensive slap bracelet stabilizer bands.

It's a pretty inexpensive way to prevent the dreaded stabilizer malfunction from happening to you!

Debbie SewBlest

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What a great idea!  Thank you!

Glad you liked it!

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