Easter Goodies for Infants

"What will the Easter bunny bring for the baby?" our grandaughter asked.  Now, this is the same little girl who recently wrote a letter to the famous bunny asking if he was really a man dressed up in a costume. But, real or not, she wants to make sure that he doesn't leave her baby sister out when those baskets arrive on Easter morning.  So, here are a couple of ideas for gifts for an infant.

The baby's Carrot is really simple

What I used:

8'x8" square of orange cotton fabric

8" x4" rectangle of green fabric

Seven 3" lengths of 1/4" satin ribbon

Five  4" lengths of 1/2" textured ribbon

Little outline bunny design (Download mine here)

Embroidery thread


Lapel Stick (or other temporary adhesive)

Craft stuffing

These pictures show what I did:

1.  Fold like this to get the carrot shape.

2.  Cut on the fold.

3.  Baste looped ribbons across the top on right side.

4.  Sew top to bottom with right sides together.

5.  Baste upper ribbons to top edge on right side.

6.  Embroider the design.  I hooped my tear away stabilizer and then adhered the carrot on top with Lapel Stick.

7.  Here is what it looks like so far.

8.  Sew with right sides together.  Leave a opening to turn.  Stuff and sew the opening closed.

This little chick is raw edge appliqué. 


You can download it here.

This one began with two 4"X8" rectangles but you can make it any size you like.  The instructions for making snack bags is here.

Now if you are making a basket for a new born or for an expectant mother here are some other ideas:

Embroidered Burpies and Nursing covers

Soft photo blocks

Embroidered Baby T's

Have a great Easter.

Take care,


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