Tote Bag With Embroidered Double Pocket

Friends come in many shapes and sizes but each has a special place in our lives. The same is true of people with whom we enjoy doing business. Ann's Partners have favorite stories and projects to share just like you. I thought that you would enjoy hearing from them from time to time, to meet the people behind some of the products that bring our creations to life. Today's feature is by Carol Brown, creator of Fancy Jumble Alphabets. Creating useful items, especially totes, is one of her many passions. I will now hand you over to Carol.

General Description
I call the pocket on this tote bag “Double Pocket” because, as shown here, I can put things inside the pocket as well as behind the pocket. It is quite easy to embroider on a flat piece of fabric and turn it into a Double Pocket. You can then sew the completed pocket to a bag you are making or to a ready-made bag. Not only is it easier to make the embellishment in this way, but it also adds extra storage to a bag.

Step-by-step Description
Click here to view a pdf file with instructions.

What Makes This Project Special?
I love personalizing totes for myself and for gifts. I digitized a name with fancy fills when I wanted to embroider something special on a gift for a former professor, and liked it so much I created ten whole Fancy Jumbles alphabets. I also think a tote can’t have too many pockets. This project provides an easy way to add a pocket and a personalization at the same time.

Skill Level
This is an easy project to sew. It requires only straight seams.

Fancy Jumbles Alphabets
Tote bag waiting for a new pocket.
Sturdy fabric for pocket.
Nylon or Polyester coil zipper 3-4 inches wider than desired pocket.
Embroidery machine. (Mine is a Husqvarna Viking Designer I).
100mm x 170mm embroidery hoop or bigger, depending on embroidery design.
Tear-away stabilizer.
Embroidery thread.

Time Investment
One hour or less should be plenty to embroider, construct and attach a pocket.

Why I Love This Project
I love designing and sewing bags and I love teaching others to make bags, too. Bags make great gifts and are always the right size. Students who are new to sewing enjoy an easy success and are proud of their work.

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What Would You Do?
Carol is someone just like you, who turned her love for creating things into a business. Is there anything you'd like to ask her? If so, click on the Comments link to post a question, and we'll ask Carol to give you an answer.

Comments (2) -

Carol, I love the tote bag project and the pillow cases that someone else had done also. You are all so creative. I'm wondering if the jumble alphabets come in different sizes? I couldn't really determine that when I was looking at them to order? What size are they and what size did you use on the tote bag? Thanks for all your inspiration.

Hi, Zoobugs,

Thank you for your interest in my projects and my Fancy Jumbles alphabets.  The alphabets come in one size.  The upper case letters are mostly about 42 mm tall, or 1 2/3".  Lower case "j" and upper case "Q" are slightly taller.

The tote bag and the pillowcases my friend Pauline made have this lettering.  I originally started with a bigger size, but saw that longer names would be difficult to fit into a hoop.


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