Race Car Themed Quilt for "Big Boy Bed"

Every child's first birthday is exciting and every mother wants to create great memories of the event. This race car themed quilt was created by Gina Martinez to complete her son's graduation to a "Big Boy Bed" and give him a special birthday memory to cherish for years to come.

General Description
Hi, my name is Gena Martinez and I'm a Work at Home mom who makes diapers and slings and has just discovered the joy of quilting! For my son's first birthday, his daddy and I got him a race car bed. I made him a fun, personalized quilt to cover it! I love the way the quilt makes the car bed look complete - almost like the hood of his new race car!

Step-by-step Description
I quilted together squares of Disney's "Cars" printed fabric and some yellow race car fabric. I chose a nice piece of faux Suede for the back/top. I cut a circle out of checkered flag material. I printed a #1 out to trace and I cut the #1 out of the yellow race car material.

I appliqued the #1 (It was his first birthday) onto the checkered flag circle and then the circle on to the Faux Suede. In the bottom left corner I embroidered his name and the year.


I added batting and attached the 2 pieces and tacked around the circle to complete my quilt and the perfect compliment to his new toddler bed!


What Makes This Project Special?
This project was very special to me because it was a neat way to commemorate my baby boy's first year. Hopefully he will always have this #1 quilt as a reminder of his first big day and his first big boy bed!


Skill Level
This is only my second quilt, so I'd say a beginner would be able to tackle this project.


Fabric, thread, sewing machine, embroidery machine, batting


Time Investment
8-ish hours


Why I Love This Project
I love the way it looks and he loves the way the material feels! All of our party guests wanted to know where I had his blanket made!

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What Would You Do?
Gina personalized her quilt with a name and date. We would love to hear your favorite way to record the when, where and who of quilts and other heirloom gifts that you create. Click on the Comments link to share your stories.
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