Blown Away By Baby Blankets

This project was submitted by Kim Yunkun. I chose to post this one because it is simple but beautiful and any level of embroiderer can do it. Not everyone is an expert, but everyone can share the sense of pride that we all feel when we've accomplished something. Sometimes, when we've been doing it for a while, we forget that every project is an accomplishment.

Kim's Description
I buy these blankets from Charles Craft (usually online but occasionally you can find them in a fabric store.) They are called Rainbow Baby Blankets and are 30 inches by 36 inches with light blue, pink and light yellow lines crisscrossing on them. The corners are plain white and are 6.5 X 6.5 inches.

Step-by-Step description
To make these blankets is very simple. Choose embroidery with a baby theme. I try to make all the pictures have the same theme. I use a 100mm X100mm hoop or the 130mm X 180mm (5X7) hoop. The designs I have been using lately are by Sew Many Designs and even have included their font for the name which I place on the lower right corner.

What makes this project special
The absolute joy that the new parents have when they see the blankets make these so special. We all know the time we put into our embroidery and it feels so good when you give these away and the recipient is speechless.

Skill level
As long as you can center a design in the corner squares and you can embroider you can make these blankets. The blankets are extremely easy to embroider and I have been doing them for at least 5 years. In that time I have never messed one up and had to grab another to complete the project.

I used embroidery designs from Sew Many Designs. I use the Husqvarna Viking SE machine and use the 100X 100 hoop or the 130X180 (5X7) hoop. The blankets are by Charles Craft and are called Rainbow Baby Blankets.

Time Investment
You can finish a blanket in one to three hours, depending on which embroidery you choose. The Sew Many Designs embroidery are appliqué and require more time for fabric placement but the results are so worth it.

Why I love this project
This is the same answer as what makes this project special. I make these baby blankets for everyone I know who has just had a baby. They are for everyone from friends, co-workers, family and church members. Everyone that receives one is totally blown away with them and I am as proud as I can be. The reaction of the new parents to these blankets is unbelievable and makes me the proudest embroiderer going.

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What Would You Do?
Kim found a simple formula that she's used many time on many projects, to great effect. Do you have a "formula", a combination of items or techniques you've used time and again that still produces great results? Click on the Comments link to let us in on your "secret recipe".
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