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Why Bottom Line for Bobbins? After 15 plus years of machine embroidery, I recently started using Superior Thread's Bottom Line in Type: Post
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Bobbin Basics "Bobbins are the cement that holds embroidery stitches together, so they play an important role in the outcome of every machine embroidery design. Here is an overview of what you need to know about ..." Type: Post
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The Spool Mini-Series Part 2, The Condensed Edition! "    Hello Happy Stitcher's!   I am going to cut right to the chase here today, as I have been wading through 35 pages of information on thread!  Yes 35 pages!  ..." Type: Post
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Bobbin Spool If you stitch freestanding applique or reversible applique like I do, you have plenty of bobbins of Type: Post
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Threads of Embroidery I have used thinner threads for certain types of embroidery.  For instance, some monograms can Type: Post
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Lace - The Ultimate Beginner's Project "Hear Ye’ Hear Ye’ …STOP the PRESS ….  The ULTIMATE Beginner’s Project is………….. LACE!! HH ( Hello Hello )  all you fellow ME’ers!!! I have been shopping up a storm!... and MEing too…. Spea ..." Type: Post
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Bobbin Tails "There are many kinds of bobbins available to us for embroidery, but and there is no single answer to the best bobbin type for every embroiderer or every machine. There are metal, plastic  ..." Type: Post
Time For Kangaroos And Pop-Up Baskets? "    Hello Everyone! Now that you have some of the basic things down pat (right?), we can move along to some other things, like the fun stuff with ME and sewing! This selection will inc ..." Type: Post
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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Bobbin Tip, Bibbide, Bobbide, Boo When people have 'tips and tricks for organizing' on the Internet, I am all on it.  Some are s Type: Post
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Organizing Tips Happy and Healthy New Year to each of you.  I cannot believe another year has passed.  I t Type: Post
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Keeping It Simple - Back to School Rag Letters Back to school.  Everyone is saying it - it is posted in every store and website that we visit. Type: Post
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My Anniversary, 5/14/09 Much to my delight, this is my first year anniversary.  Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you! Type: Post
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Great Gifts for Mom Mother's Day is just around the corner. Don't panic if don't have any good ideas. Here are some Type: Post
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The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Doing the Bobbin Hop and a 9/11/2001 Freebie Just a little tip (I have never seen this one anywhere). Once in awhile, you will be stitching along Type: Post
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The Best $10 You Will Ever Spend for Machine Embroidery There are so many gadgets on the market for machine embroidery. I'll show you what I think is the be Type: Post
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Polka-dots, Stipple Blocks and Creativity, Oh my! Part 2 "We are excited to have Eileen Roche, Editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery share this content with you, which was originally posted on Eileen’s Machine Embroidery Blog :  If ..." Type: Post!-part-2
Tons and Tons of Questions - Who Has Answers? "HH (Hello Hello!) Fellow Embroiderers,  How are ALL of you??? What things are you doing these days???!!!!! How many NEW embroiders are out there like me. (I stitched ..." Type: Post
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Embroidered Sheepdog Wallhanging Using Photos "Like many of us, Barbara Schleter has more than one passion.  Here she has combined her long time love of Shetland Sheepdogs with her more recent passion for embroidery.   Barbara has d ..." Type: Post
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The Devil is in the details Mom was right, the devil is in the details and he has had a devilishly good time with embroidery - - Type: Post
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Even If I can't Hoop it, I can Embroider it! "Hi, folks,  Had another great question in last week's post from gpleasant, who asked how to hoop towels, under and over. I can tell you how I hoop towels. Bath towels are as liable to b ..." Type: Post
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