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Great Gifts for Mom

Great Gifts for Mom

mothers day giftMother's Day is just around the corner. Don't panic if don't have any good ideas. Here are some great gifts any machine-embroidering mom would appreciate:


A thread stash is a good thing! Like fabric, you can never have too much thread. Especially good thread like Robison Anton and  Madeira

Pre-wound Bobbins

Anyone who has ever sewed or embroidered knows how frustrating it is to be engaged in a project and run out of bobbin thread. If you have never used pre-wound bobbins, you will find they are the eighth great wonder of the world. It's not that it is difficult to wind a bobbin, it's just not very much fun and typically needs done at the most inopportune times. Get these for your mom and she will think of you every time she pops one into the machine. Guaranteed.

 Gift Certificates

Some people believe gift certificates are unimaginative and impersonal. I disagree. I believe they allow the recipient to choose exactly what she wants and she doesn't even have to leave home. Denominations of $10, $25, $50, $100, and $250 can be purchased in various combinations and used for thread, designs, tools, books, videos, Ott lights, and more. 

Ann's Club

This gift keeps on giving, all year, for as little as $24.99 for three months to a full year for $59.99. Save even more over two years for $99.99. Here is why  Ann's Club is a great gift:

I am so fortunate to have a mom who is truly an angel on earth. To all you creative moms out there, Happy Mother's Day!

If you create a Mother's Day gift, be sure to post it here.

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