The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Stack the Deck and Two (2) Freebies - Graduates and The Dalai Lama Words for you.

For me, I am watching/reading less news these days for my sanity. I sincerely appreciate your visiting my Blog and hope that you and yours are doing well. Relax for the next few minutes, download the Freebies, and convey positive feelings and thought to your 'committee'. (That is my Brother's word for the people who advise, support, and are a confidant to you every day.) 

When I first began embroidering in late 2001, I was so clueless. It is just like me to start something of which I know nothing and dive into it full blast. I would enumerate all those things but I don't have 1,000 pages to start. . .

If you know someone who is thinking about starting in this amazing craft, here are some tips that could make that start a little more 'user friendly' for them. These are in no particular order: Green wording indicates specific embroidery information/data. 

  • Start your first project using one of the simple designs you find on your embroidery machine. These are tried and tested and often uncomplicated. 
  • Use an old pair of jeans that still have some firm denim that you can use to do the first piece. You can use a denim piece that you still wear. But doing a 'discovery sew' is a 'prototype' for learning.
  • While denim tends to be stable enough, using a stabilizer is a good habit to start. IMHO, it is easy to under stabilized which causes puckering among many other issues. However, it is difficult to over stabilize, short of having a too dense stabilizing. An overly dense fabric/stabilizer would sound as if the needle was requiring hard pounding to penetrate and create the design. IMHO, stabilizers are one of the most difficult facets of the learning curve. Nothing supersedes trying, testing,  and learning. You will read a number of opinions. Keep in mind your experiences are the ones that matter.
  • Standard thread is not usable for embroidery. You can think about what type of designs you find interesting/doable. I do have some suggestions for selecting colors of thread. Thread selection is not the easiest or cheapest part of embroidery. 

Here are my two (2) designs for this Blog. Graduates snuck up on me. 2020 will go down in history for being a year full of history and especially change! 

The USA is suffering from multiple angles. We can do better and we will do better, make no mistake, Americans are determined, innovative and strong. I hope you will enjoy my second design. I spent many hours trying to find the exact statement that is right for this day in our history. The Dalai Lama is a bright light in the darkness. 

Please enjoy this Freebie and, if you wish to share it with others, please use this link.   (It helps me understand if I am choosing the best designs for you. No names, emails or other data is gathered.) 

Stay safe and keep your best and positive thoughts for you and yours. May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  Pat
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