The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Color Converter and an Autumn Freebie (really?? Autumn?)

The CC does not convert every design maker but AnnTheGran, 1Z, Great Notions, Landmark Designs and others, do convert. Just check when you are selecting your designs. With many, many thread manufacturers and many, many methods of 'data entry' programs to input designs, getting everyone would be a colossal undertaking.

Here is an AnnTheGran design, rather lovely, I think for an example. While hibiscus varieties have a lot of beautiful colors, for making them truly lifelike, sticking with the colors is the best method. At the lower portion of the description is a CC link you may not have noticed before.

Select that link and you get what is called a 'dialog box' in PC talk. This dialog box gives you information and you respond to get the desired information, hence, 'dialog.' Here is the usual info about 9 total color changes but only 5 different colors. Don't forget that some designs are "layered," so that the second thread color is further accented by the original one. Those are not subject to having the number of color changes reduced.

The green box (key) explains the information that is available in the following data.

As we move forward, you can see that the program has started at 95% 'color agreement.' Due to dying processes, that variation allows for you to get just about an exact match. To your eye, you may feel the percentage is wrong. However, many of the manufacturers, specifically American made, use the Pantone System to define their colors. Even so, there are zillions of colors in the Universe, so we come as close as we can to a coordinating fabric and thread colors. Incidentally, Pantone 'introduces' new colors every year. (The model in this case not only looks emaciated but like she is going to a Gothic Party.)

My selection was to change from Madeira Rayon to Madeira Polyneon. One item, the last color has no match at 95% but look what happens when I select 94%!

At 94%, it has a very nice match. That shows just how sensitive the coloration is, a mere 1% change makes it work.

Everyone always needs a selection of whites. Whites have hues with slight variations that can make your project really pop. When people look at your creation, they may not know what makes it exciting to them, but the right color/hue can make it absolutely outstanding - but you already know that. You can select to purchase that color by clicking on the shopping basket. No matter how well stocked your neighborhood store is, there just is not enough room for all the wonderful colors available in multiple thread makers.

As I have mentioned, I recommend sticking with rayon or polyneon/polyester for the bulk of your thread stash. That makes projects better and simplifies your preparation of your project. Of course, you will need some special threads for unique creations, but for the best usage, stick with just one. I do have a blog discussing the fails that can occur when mixing threads.

When you move your mouse over the new color, you see the original color with the new hue overlay. I cannot see much difference between the two. 

Your selection goes into the cart and you are set to go. The modest shipping, this one is $1.15, is definitely cheaper than spending time (priceless) and gas to go pick up a great thread.

This time's Freebie is getting a jump on the kids going back to school. My grandson, in Phoenix, went back on July 29, 2016.  But he loves school and going to an Autism Academy where he will shine for sure!  Yah, Mason!!

I can see this with a line at the end saying something like - Mrs. Smith has Class or Leggett Elementary School's Finest.  If there is no date, it can be used for a long time. You likely have an old frame somewhere in your stash, what a great way to start off the school year.

Don't forget that all through the year, teachers can use simple supplies such as tissue, paper, pencils, bandaids - check with the teacher and the office.

2 Teach is 2 touch (115.3KB)

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