The Avid Embroiderer Presents - If you thread it, it will create. And, a freebie/nearly free idea for Halloween.

When you go into a sewing/embroidery shop, the joint is full of all sorts of notions. Newbies and seasoned embroiderers need information so their money is well spent. Thread has to be among the most insane products due to multiple issues.

Heaven forbid that you do a search for ‘embroidery thread’ on the Net. The Net has enough space for all sorts of things and that includes too many types, weights, colors and special needs embroidery thread.There are so many to chose from that a brick n' mortar shop could never carry all of them.

Here are just a few for your thoughts: (Select the photo if you want more information – color – fibers – etc.)

Madeira Classic 40#, 1,100 yards:

This example for the 'common' embroidery thread is a really great addition to your collection because using ‘pink’ can give a faded or too pastel appearance causing the pink to nearly disappear. Additionally, rayon has a nice sheen but less than its cousin – Metallic Threads.

Madeira alone (not to mention the dozens of other manufacturers) has over eleven - (11) different embroidery threads (not to mention weights) for bringing your projects to a new/professional/interesting level, including:

  • Rayon - Classic Rayon embroidery thread is known for its high tensile strength & glossy luster. Made from 100% viscose rayon, is suited for embroidery on high-speed commercial machines. It thread maintains its soft "hand" even when the stitch count is high.

  • Polyneon - 100% polyester machine embroidery thread, is constructed to eliminate looping, puckering and virtually all thread breaks. This unique formula makes this thread extremely durable and smooth running. Vibrant colors are resistant to chlorine bleach, making it the ideal for uniforms, safety garments and commercial linens.

  • Frosted Matt - This  polyester embroidery thread has vivid colors give it a high definition appearance that adds dimension and clarity to designs. It is highly colorfast in sunlight conditions. It is excellent for patio cushions and boat covers.

  • Fire Fighter - This is a fire-resistant thread was developed for fire and safety use in the areas of aeronautics, utility services, motorsports and other fields where safety standards are required.

  • Metallic - These spectacular metallic threads are designed, developed and produced to have great shine with minimal breakage.

  • Supertwist - This twisted metallic thread brings designs to life with sparkle. The triple applied twisting process of this thread gives designs dimension and a unique textured effect. The strong nylon core and genuine metallic base enhance both its sewability and festive, shimmering appearance. The Opal and Crystal colors are denim-wash resistant.

  • Bermilana - This is a blend of 50% natural wool and 50% acrylic for durability. It is used for chenille, loop pile or chain stitch embroidery. Its thick, soft texture produces a hand-embroidered look. It creates a higher density without changing the number of stitches. The recommend needle is #100/16.

  • Bermilanaco - Also thicker thread, this is a blend of 50% natural cotton and 50% acrylic for durability. It is very soft and cool due to the high cotton content. It is an excellent choice for chenille embroidery, chain stitch, fringing, decorative seams and other special effects. The higher density needs to be sewn with a #100/16 needle.

  • Polyester CR Metallic - This metallic is composed of 68% polyester and 32% metallis polyester, delivering a soft touch embroidery thread with a high tech color coating. It is resistant against abrasion.  it is the perfect match for trouble free stitching at top speeds.

  • Maderia Luna  - This is a Glow-in-the-dark #40 weight thread activated by being exposed to bright light. Luna has a soft and smooth feel. It is ideal for embroidered items to be used outdoors, on children's wear and Halloween costumes. Off-white thread appears to glow a greenish hue when seen in the dark.

  • Monolon  - This is a transparent nylon mono-filament thread. It can be used for creating unique embroidery effects by enhancing highlights within a thread mix. It gives filigree designs a translucent effect. It will perform as a top thread, a bobbin thread and for attaching sequins.
Phew - that was a lot of info. I hope one or two of them gives you ideas for you to take your projects to creative genius.

In case you might be interested in a different brand, you can find each of these here: -

Robison Anton


Here is one of Ann's excellent Freebies. Select the photo to go to the listing. Ann has the largest collection of Freebies and they are so very well done.

I think I might add the phrase "Frank is my BFF" with your software. He really is adorable! Additionally, I would put this one on a patch of left over fabric and glue/stitch it to something fun, including a t-shirt or a candy bag. Since this design is in 2 sizes, you could also use a felt fabric piece from your neighborhood sewing store. Be sure to stabilize felt very well because it is unwoven and pressed together textile.

Don't forget that I sell my Spreadsheet, on how much to charge for your embroidery projects.  You will really like that helpful, easy method of making that choice.  Don't work for free and don't be overcharging your clients.

Thank you for joining me. Your input is really very important to me. I want to know what I can share with you. There are multiple methods/answers/individual systems for issues you may encounter. Not every trick works for every specific subject. Get informed right here at AnnTheGran. 

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Taking a chance on a new type of thread may well take your embroidery to a new level. Experimenting is a great way to expanding your horizons. Get a little excited about embroidery all over again.

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