Why I LOVE Embrilliance

Embrilliance products are on sale until June 18. Here are just a few of the reasons that I love this software.

As far as I am concerned, Embrilliance is the most economical and easiest to use machine embroidery organizing and editing programs on the planet. I have used Embrilliance Essentials for about 10 years. I added Thumbnailer and, most recently, Enthusiast. I do not promote items unless I believe in them and here are a few of the things I particularly like about Embrilliance (and I have tried several other options over the years).


These programs work independently of each other. That means you can buy them as you go with an initial investment as low as $39.


Many embroidery editing programs are built into digitizing programs costing thousands of dollars. Most of the time, they are overkill for the typical embroiderer and the learning curve is substantial.


These programs are very easy to download and install. They work on both Mac and PC platforms and you can install it on multiple computers per the license. I found that they were very easy to use as well. And there was not a major malfunction every time Windows upgraded versions, unlike my embroidery machine manufacturer’s software.


Thumbnailer is a game changer. It allows you to see icons of your embroidery files right on your computer screen without having to open them. The program recognizes more than 30 file formats. That helps tremendously with organizing your files. Get more specifics about how Thumbnailer works here.


Essentials is really handy when creating text to embroider. You can type and shape text as well as add text to existing designs. Twelve fonts are included and you can import any BX font into Essentials.

You can also easily change, add, or delete colors in your design and even alter the stitch sequence. Thread libraries can be customized, accommodating a variety of thread lines.

Designs can be combined with other designs, too. Special applique functions allow you to create cut files for Brother ScanNCut, Silhouette Cameo, and others.


Enthusiast is a bit more advanced than Essentials, but still easy to comprehend. In addition to what you can do with essentials, you can actually edit stitches in your embroidery designs and easily delete parts of a design that you do not want to stitch.

You can position designs precisely, mirror them, and even split designs that are too large for your hoop. Plus, the knockdown stitch function is wonderful for embroidering on towels and blankets.

This barely touches the surface of all that Embrilliance can do. I know nothing of the Stitch Artist modules for digitizing, AlphaTricks, or the Density Repair Kit, but have seen good reviews.

Bottom line, it was a worthwhile investment!

Debbie SewBlest

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