The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Go BIG and make it vibrant. And, a 6" by 10" hoop Freebie - yes, that is a large design.

I had written a blog which pointed out some things that are best done with the professional style of equipment.

One item is/was using the front load washing machines as you will see in laundromats. For years we have mostly purchased the top loading style which dry cleaners would never have in their shops. I have noticed that front load, top of the line machines are the 'in' item to own these days. Have you seen the price of a washer lately?? Talk about sticker shock, they are $1,200+ just for the washer. OMG!

At that price, there are multiple advantages to the front loader, and certainly the same is true of the 'high end' embroidery machines. The quality and features of the embroidery machines are what dreams are made of.

One quality that stands out for me personally is the quality of the designs and especially monograms that are there for the using. Each and every 'built-in' design/monogram have been chosen with quality in mind. After all, their reputation is at stake. You have the right to expect a machine that does quality, built in project ideas.

I am using my Brother Innovis V2800. It has a nice selection of designs and especially designs for the largest hoop available for that machine with a 10" by 6" (25cm by 15cm) sewing area.

Embroidering a smaller design will not create the same effect because a modification of plus or minus 20% is the most reasonable adjustment amount to successfully adapt a design.

A consideration for the design is that it be at least around the maximum size for that hoop (I will wait until you can find yours), and represent who I am. I specifically will be using bright, vibrant colors because the project is going to be a 'flag' that will be in my front yard. Pastel or ''tone-on-tone" colors will not be very visible from a distance, like the street.

I selected a bouquet of tulips, added a bow and my first initial. The following design was started as a "discovery sew*" to give me the basis for my project. Weights for curtains are sold on the Net that should make it more steady. Since I am using regular fabric, I am actually looking forward to doing a new flag from time to time. You can use an outdoor type of fabric such as canvas or an oil cloth type of base.

Here is my prototype and I am generally delighted with how it turned out. I need to use MORE or a heavier cutaway stabilizer. It has been interesting and I love experimenting. 


Lawn Flag -

*discovery sew is the term for creating a prototype to discover the correct recipe required for a project.

The second side was a challenge because I did not really want another bouquet, I wanted a tree. Finding one the right size was difficult, so I digitized one myself. I like how it turned out, and hope you do as well.

I also did find a fun idea for decorating my tree. You need an old, unneeded bowl, old nail polish and something like a plastic, disposable cup.

I cut the firm plastic into leaves and doused them in the bowl of water and a couple of colors of polish. I used tweezers to insert the leaf and then let them dry. I am planning for this 'flag' to be outside and am not sure the plastic will hold up. But, I am also planning to change the 'flag' according to the season and my whims.

Here is the finished second side of the flag and I really like it. The fabric was a piece of upholstery that I had for a long time.

In addition to the leaves, I had a Command Hook(TM) and I slipped it into the nail polish too. I was thinking I might hang some sort of decoration from it depending on the time of year. Rather than use the adhesive strips that come with the hooks, I did glue it to the flag.

Enjoy the Freebie for this blog. It was great fun to do and sewed out easily. 

Thanks for joining me today or whatever day you are seeking inspiration.. I really think this one is 'outside the box' and sure to please.

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I love your tree and the nail polish  colored leaves was inspirational!  Love the way your tree turned out.

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