Create special Christmas Treasures with our 9 Santas Quik Quilt Book and CD!

We have found that by making our cross stitch designs the centerpiece of a quick-to-quilt piece, a lovely finished result is achieved. Many embroiderers also love to quilt, so combining the two “media” seemed like a natural! QQ Book

Cross Stitch designs, especially the small ones, can be used in many ways in lots of projects. Their rich detail and color make them perfect to be the focus of small patchwork projects like those we created for our 9 Santas Quik Quilt Book (click the link to view the product, 10% off this week for readers of this post - use Promotion Code 9santasbook).

One of the great things about small designs is the many uses they can be put to. To begin with our 9 Santas designs can be made as simple ornaments. They can also be combined with "frames" of quilted patchwork, as shown in our book. These projects do not require huge amounts of fabrics. You can usually find all of the pieces you will need in your stash. We have also included a Holly Border and Holly Motifs in this collection that can be used to spice up some of your Christmas stitching.

We have taken our 9 Santas ornaments and used them in different ways for several lovely Christmas projects. Our Quik Quilt Book includes the printed 9 Santas charts (for hand cross stitch if desired), full-sized pattern pieces and layouts and instructions for each project in this book.

BagsOne of the quickest little projects in the book is our Treasure Bags. They stitch up in a snap into some delightful gift bags. You can use these bags for tiny gifts or even Gift Cards. All you will need is some bits of fabrics, a little floss or twisted cord, and a couple of tiny jingle bells to complete these little favorites. You can also personalize your each bag with the year numerals included on the CD.


Another lovely project is our 3 Santas Banner. BannerThis lovely wall hanging uses 3 Santas of your choice, framed by striking quilted borders. For a specifically Christmasy feel, stitch the designs on squares of dark green fabric, and replace the dark blue quilt patches with some dark green ones. Add a heavy braided cord with tassels at the top, for hanging. This piece would also make a delightful mini table banner for the center of your table.

QuiltOur 9 Santas Quilt uses all of the Santas, each stitched on a white fabric then pieced into its own patchwork frame. The Santas could also be stitched on another fabric, depending upon your fabric choices for the quilt. A dark brown, green, or blue fabric could work nicely for a different look. We have included our Border Holly machine embroidery design which is used to decorate each side of the quilt.

detailPlease note that all of the patchwork projects in this book can also be used with any other small hoop machine embroidery designs—both for the holidays as well as everyday pieces. Just choose your designs and fabrics, using this book as a guide. The possibilities are endless!

Our projects consist of full lists of required materials for both the embroideries as well as the quilted pieces. Step-by-step instructions will lead you through the process of creating these lovely quilted projects.

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jalcumbrack 10/4/2008 10:55:26 AM

Hi Donna,

Love, Love, Love this! The quilt wall hanging is Amazing! The bags, unique and would make great bags for those prized "little gifts". Great blog and always enjoy reading yours!


What a beautiful quilt. I love the bags. What great gift ideas.

cme  8^)

I am always in awe of your work, the old style Christmas is one lovely era.  Thanks!


donnagiampa 10/6/2008 10:29:27 AM

To Judy, cme, and Pat,

I'm glad you enjoyed seeing some of the neat things small cross stitch designs can become, using the designs as the focus of larger projects. Christmas is the perfect time of year for creating some special things for our friends and family, isn't it?


jalcumbrack 10/6/2008 2:08:37 PM

I could not agree more, Donna!

It is a magical time of year, where all things are possible!


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