The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Short Sheeting and a Freebie for Dieters

Once in a while, just when you have the most inspiring project, you find that you need to be working on the edge or really close to the border of your fabric.

The size causes hooping issues. We already know that you should use the smallest hoop that your project will allow. However, what if the target for embroidery is 1.5" (37mm)? Your target may be very small such as a baby’s collar or garment edge. Even using a piece of fabric that is too small for the hoop is challenging.

Cute as a bug example - 

Cute as a puppy example - 

Using an adhesive stabilizer, here are some things I did to make this creation happen -

I only hooped the stabilizer - 

I removed the cover to the adhesive with a straight pin. - 

I added the fabric centering the edge so that I would be able to determine positions. - 

Small details on interesting parts of fabric can be both beautiful and challenging. I placed a design in my recent blog for a light and airy designs and fabrics. In that blog, I placed the design very close to the edge of the skirt. I always use Ann's Water Soluble Stabilizer with my favorite fabric adhesive,  505 Spray, it is for sewing, applique, quilting, and crafting. Repeated repositioning is a really big plus for this acid-free adhesive.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a self-adhesive stabilizer, Ann's Water Soluble Adhesive Stabilizer for simplicity and savings.

Water Soluble is the key.

Here is my Freebie for this blog - I really hate dieting and now I have an excuse to avoid watching my weight!!

Thanks for reading my blog, I really appreciate it!

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