The Avid Embroiderer Presents - It's Summer and everything is light and airy. A great Freebie for a beach coverup.

When summer hits Phoenix, it hits hard. . . We have been having an 'intense heat warning.' I don't know what that means, It's  118° I think that explains it quite well, then the weather guy adds 'intense'???

Personally, I wear a swimsuit just a LOT but I also wear dresses that are not clingy or snug. They are flowing and air circulates nicely. If I wanted to embroider something on the dress, I would want something that is not dense or large. Embroidery can be a bit on the heavy side even when they are not 'bullet proof' designs,

I was thinking about 'redwork', 'whitework' and 'blackwork.' Those are all great but certainly not much in the way of colorful or filled with interesting stitches.

So, I looked at a LOT of summer projects and did find that they were rather heavy. One of my dresses is chiffon with a satin lining that won't hold up under 10,000 stitches, it would distort the hang of the fabric.

I did a 'summer' blog a couple of months ago. You can see it and I still love the idea!!!

Here is another take on embroidery and a great, simple dress.

You can put the design on as many times as you like, or in different places. Simple is a favorite word, along with 'sale' of course.  (Check here for the sale,, it is a great dress!)

The stitches are purposely a small distance apart.

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After I thought about light weight fabrics and light weight designs, I realized that more information would be helpful in addition to the size, etc.  

I personally have Embird (available here at ATG) and have frequently used the density map available in Embird. It allows you to see the actual stitches (not unusual) but also colors define any area that is too dense and can use some trimming down (which can also be done in Embird). Hmmm. . . I think I see a blog here.

There is so much I like about Embird starting with the "Iconizer" which allows you to see the design, not just the software icon. Another thing is that you can buy pieces that YOU want,  so it is not too expensive.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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