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Welcome Kimberbell Designs!

Welcome Kimberbell Designs!

If you are as much a fan of Kimberbell Designs as I am, you must be thrilled that not only is carrying their designs, but they are now 30% off! That means you can get the designs at Ann's Club price. This is the perfect time to buy a couple because we are going to create several upcoming projects from at least two of their sets.

Kimberbell Cuties has several adorable designs that are incorporated into a table topper. I am going to break those down into quick and easy projects that will make great gifts.

The other set, Seasonal Mug Rugs, Vol. 1, will provide lots of adorable mini-projects you can use for gifts or display in your home.

Besides the design CDs, here are some items you can gather up for the Kimberbell Project series:

Adding a fusible web to the back of applique fabrics adheres it to the base fabric, giving you a crisp, professional finish. Steam-A-Seam 2 is wonderful when stitching applique. It contains a semi-adhesive quality that allows you to finger-press it in place and reposition it, if necessary, before fusing it to the project.

Mistyfuse is another option that is very lightweight with no added adhesives.
The Hangar Heat Sealing Iron is a wonderful applique tool. It gets very hot and is small enough to easily fit in your hoop, which makes it easy to attach fusible web and fuse applique pieces.

Although I have never tried them, a lot of embroiderers rave about the Karen K. Buckley scissors. They have cushioned handles and serrated blades which reportedly make cleaner cuts with no frayed edges - ideal for applique!

I wouldn't be caught stitching applique without my Gingher applique scissors. They get close to the stitch line for close trimming the first time.

Others rave about the Easy Kut style. It allows you to get in close when trimming.

So, gather up your seasonal fabrics (even the scraps) and stay tuned for Kimberbell projects!

Debbie SewBlest

Comments (2) -

I do own the Karen K. Buckley scissors. I have always been less than accurate with my cutting. . . Make that, I am not good with scissors.

These scissors ARE really different. I don't know what the manufacturer does, but my cuts are a lot more precise than they have EVER BEEN.

I don't put y name on just any old thing, I have to believe and appreciate the product.

May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

I forgot to mention that both pair of scissors cut right to the tip of the scissors. Excellent for small corners that have little room for error.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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