The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Its all in the Blog and, a freebie that will make a great Mother's Day Gift!

I started doing this blog in May, 2008. Can you believe that?  Well I can't so I went back on Memory Lane to see where I did well and where I may have done a better job. My favorite magazine, for instance, HGTV Magazine has a wonderful periodical. One month the magazine is so good I cannot put it down and the next may fall a little short of spectacular.

Since we all have a limited amount of time (and so many embroideries to complete), I thought I would review and give my own comments about the good, bad and ugly of my personal writings. And, your review of the blog, as a newbie or seasoned embroiderer, there will be something to learn/remember.

Here are a few of my personal favorites, in no particular order:

This blog is full of great information about needles. It is much more than using the size or changing needle time. This blog was done in July, 2008. I reviewed it and determined that the points are timeless. It gives information about the intricacies behind the scene that will assist you in knowing different issues to troubleshoot. It also has tension tests for your machine. To read/understand more, select this link.

If you haven't seen this handy helpful item, check it out!!  For the reasonable price of $11.95, it will save you lots of frustration with your needle stash, not to mention trying to read what the needle says the size is!!!
This discussion is for CUT-WORK. Upon seeing your first cut-work design, you will be in awe and thirsting for more information.  Ann's selection of cut-work designs is incredible. Here is just one of the photos. I have always felt like gifting is a special action that I have three guiding thoughts; gifts must be unique, usable and unpricey. Cut-work fits that bill and then some. For more info and instructions, select this link.

 Select here for the cut work design.
(And, it is only $0.79 right now)

Free Standing Lace 

Free Standing Lace (FSL) is unique to machine embroidery (at least to my knowledge). When I first saw the items that could be created, I was hooked on FSL. Elegant for bridal gown and decoration use, terrific on a t-shirt (and used as a design, it does NOT have to be done in the FSL format,) use for Applique designs, Cut-work and patches very successfully. (Caution, many 'experts' say to use two layers of regular water soluble stabilizer for FSL. That is a significant waste of money. Of course, they sell stabilizers. Use Badgemaster for an ECONOMICAL method of stabilizing - even scraps can be reconstructed to be used again.)

Give Badgemaster a try, 30" by 72" (that is SUPER WIDE) for just $7.41. Just in case you are not sure about opposing the 'experts', read this blog that I wrote in 2008. While I have made small changes, the article remains a straightforward discussion of what to expect from this excellent brand.

This beautiful design is available here:

Honestly, I still have so many (IMHO) excellent blogs that I will be sharing with you in the next few weeks. When we don't know what we don't know, it can be difficult to find answers. Even Google may have trouble finding exactly what you want. (I checked Google for 'Free Standing Lace' and got some interesting results.)

For a Freebie this blog, it is time again to give Mom a salute!

Thank you for reading my article. Without you, I would be talking to myself - more than usual. Treat yourself well and hold on to your loved ones.
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