The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Baby's Firsts and an early Halloween freebie

I was reading just the other day about Baby's Firsts. It was noted that Baby Books will have to be adding more pages for -

Baby's Firsts, 2017 style:

  • Email address
  • URL/site
  • cell phone
  • Technically correct words
  • IPO of business created and produced in the crib
  • Sale of business created and produced in the crib
  • Well, you get the idea . . . 

We all can find gifts to commemorate a First Christmas, Birthday and Tooth Loss, etc. But who remembers the most important holiday of the year, Halloween? Where are the adorable things that say "Trick or Treat, smell my feet"? or show jumping from behind a tree and yelling "Boo!!"?

Well, I am creating a new tradition, commemorating Baby's First Halloween.

This little design will find its way to DIY totes that will be filled with candy on that special night.

I normally will purchase a premade tote, but if you like sewing, here is a little tip for creating the bottom of a tote.

This information courtesy of Skip to My Lou. (Her instructions create a reversible tote.)

This is the bottom corner of a 'flat' tote. Placing the stitch line on the diagonal, on all four sides, creating a 'box bottom.'

I would glue in a piece of firm plastic into that boxed area to keep the bottom more solid and stop items from getting beneath the plastic. 

Here is today's freebie. I left the right corner blank so you can add a year if you like.

babys first halloween The Avid (321.5KB)

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The following are from September, August and July, 2017.

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