Cork: The New Embroidery Medium

One of the hottest trends in machine embroidery right now is cork.

Although you may think it delicate, cork embroiders like a dream. It is almost like a very lightweight leather. Many embroiderers have stitched the ever popular zipper bags using cork.

With no edges to finish, it is the perfect product for creating coasters, and that is today's project. I used the Cross Hatch Quilted Heart design by Amazing Designs

Start by hooping a water-soluble, fabric-type stabilizer.

Use the same color thread in the bobbin as that with which you are stitching. Stitch the placement line. That shows how big the piece of cork needs to be and where it will go.

Cut the cork slightly larger than the placement stitch, position it on top of the stitching, and run the second color, the tack-down. Continue stitching the design and do not trim as you would in typical applique. I used the same color thread for the entire design.