Snowman Door Hanger from Hang to Dry Applique Made by Bonnie Abbott

My name is Bonnie Abbott and I have been embroidering for about 12 years now. I have 3 embroidery machines a Babylock Ellisimo and an Ellegante 2 and I just purchased a Brother PR655 Entrepreneur which I have not used yet as I need to have my desk remodeled first. I can't wait to get started using it. 

I embroider almost everyday and love doing large items.  I have sold 4 of my snowmen to friends and charged $20.00 for the 25 inch one and $15.00 for the 22 inch snowman. I made a smaller 17 inch one for my granddaughter and a 25 inch one for my daughter to hang up at work.

This snowman is made in the hoop and takes 5 hooping’s. I made mine so that it looked the same on both sides.

I used tearaway stabilizer and felt. I stitched the arms and the hands first, removed them from the hoop and trimmed them. Set aside till needed.

Next I made the bottom section, removed them from the hoop and trimmed it.


Next I hooped the stabilizer and stitched out the stitch guide to attach the bottom piece.

Next the boots got stitched out and attached to the bottom. I removed this from the hoop and trimmed the boots. 


Next I hooped my stabilizer and then stitched out the guides to attach the arms to the stabilizer and then added the center body part and sewed that out.

Next I stitched the placement stitch on the stabilizer for the bottom body part with the boots. Then I stitched out the stitch line arms and for center body part and added my material; and finished sewing the center body part to the arms and bottom body. I removed this from the hoop and trimmed up the center body part.

Next I hooped my stabilizer to stitch out the stitch line to add the center body part; and stitched that down then I stitched out the shape for the head and added the material and stitched that down; removed from hoop and trimmed.

Next came the hat placement stitch and adding the material for hat.

After the material for the hat was stitched down I added the trim for the hat.

Next came the stitch outs for the eyes, nose and mouth. Once this was done I removed him from the hoop and trimmed up around the hat. Then I added some cord to the back of the hat for hanging.

I cut out some circles from the left over black felt to use for buttons and glued them on and he was finished.

This sounds like a lot of work but I had fun making him and have made several more.


As soon as anyone sees him they want him. They sell fast.

We are excited to have tourlady522, Bonnie Abbott, as a guest blogger this week. Welcome her, she did an excellent job on the directions for a great Snowman. 

Please leave some comments below to help encourage your fellow embroiderer for more blogs like this. Thanks.

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How can we purchase the snow man design

Bonnie, This is a great idea especially for a charity bazaar this time of year. I also like the idea of doing both sides. It just makes sense.

I cannot wait to hear about that 6 needle machine. Also, I have noted many times that we who embroider simply cannot do without our previous machines. Here is my blog about keeping these machines.  

The responses are particularly interesting. The stories are heartwarming about first machines.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

tourlady522 11/13/2016 1:57:18 PM

Hi pem512.
You can purchase the design here
I had a lot of fun making these so I hope you do too.


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