Embroidering on Toilet Paper By Bonnie Abbott

It is so close to the holidays and some of us are stressed. Getting last minute ideas that are quick and easy is the key to help you finished gifts or decorations. With toilet paper already around your house, this one is fast and fun.

Step 1: Select your design for the toilet paper and load into your machine. It is important to use a lightweight design. (even the three-ply or quilted paper is delicate) Thread machine with 1st color of design. Change colors as needed throughout the design.

Step 2:  When I embroider on toilet paper I hoop medium weight stabilizer in my 4x4 hoop. You can get the Medium Tear Away (hobby Size) here at AnntheGran.


Step 3: Place a piece of the stabilizer in between the 2nd and 3rd sheet of toilet paper fold the toilet paper. Spray the 3rd sheet and center in the hoop on the stabilizer letting the roll unravel a bit so as not to be too tight when embroidering.  I use the stabilizer between the sheets to give it more stability when embroidering.


Step 4: Place hoop in Machine with toilet paper hanging off the end of the machine.

Step 5: Make sure design fits in the toilet paper square and start machine to do the design. Trace or Frame, as your machine does it, to be sure the design fits well.

Step 6: When the design is finished trim the stabilizer to fit the toilet paper.

You can use scissors or your cutter.

Step 7: Fold the toilet paper back over itself.  Place a piece of double sided tape or scotch tape folded back on it’s self. This will hold it to the rest of the roll. Place your project in a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon.

Here is the finished Santa and a bunny one I did for Easter and a roll of paper towel I did for Christmas last year.

These are enjoyable and very fast to do and you can use any light weight design to use for any occasion. Make them for your favorite team. Fund raisers are always needing unusual items for people buy. I sell them for $5.00.

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Where did you get the santa design? I love this!

Love this idea and your instructions are the best I have seen.  Where on earth can I get this design?  Thanks!  Merry Christmas.

I agree with m3014, these are great instructions. That design is too funny.

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

Where do I get the bunny face design? boudreps

tourlady522 9/6/2020 9:25:21 AM

Bunny face came from Hutt Designs. Unfortunately I do not know where the Santa design came from.
There is nothing to tell me on the design.

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