Fancy Medallion Swirls and Bed Caddy

     I have been playing with swirls again.  My embroidery digitizing software includes a tool that makes it very
easy to create a design with multiple "pie slice" sections:  draw one slice and the others appear automatically.
More interesting, a slice's edges don't have to be straight; the software doesn't care.  In addition, each 
slice can consist of multiple sections.  Here is a picture of the slice for one of my new designs.  I thought
it would be fun to use a heart as one of the sections of the slice.

     When I am satisfied with the arrangement of the single slice, I click a button to complete the artwork,
as shown in the next picture.  This lets me visualize the complete design.

     The next step is to digitize the design.  Actually, it suffices to digitize a single slice because the software will
repeat it for me to complete the circle.  I use the multi-wave fill and set the waves in each
section of a slice to flow in a different direction.  The result is a design with a lot of movement.
Stitching it with variegated thread adds even more movement.  Now see how the single pie slice looks. 

     The next picture shows the full swirl design.

     I have had a lot of fun creating designs with four, six, and eight pie slices.  When I shared pictures of
these new designs with my internet software group, one member said the swirls looked like medallions.
I thought the name was perfect so adopted it with her permission.

     The eight slice design is a flower petal, with a separate flower center that appears only once.  When
I set my software to repeat twelve petals rather than eight, the petals overlap each other rather than line up
exactly.  Do you like the crosshatch look of the overlaps as much as I do?

     My Medallion Swirls collection includes 7 different designs, each in sizes to fit 100 x 100, 120 x 120,
150 x 150, and 200 x 200 millimeter hoops.  Designs are available individually, as a complete set of 28
designs, as a set of all 4 sizes of a single medallion style, and as a set of all 7 medallions for a given hoop.
My Guide to Medallion Swirls, offered at the end of this blog, provides the design names, dimensions, and
stitch counts for all the designs in this collection.

     Here is a picture that shows all the designs.

     I used a Sulky variegated thread for the heart medallion and Superior Rainbows threads for all the
others.  I made Zip Around Pouches from four of the medallions, framed a fifth with a coordinating fabric,
and made caddies with the remaining two.  The one in the top row has a Velcro tab in back, which can be
fastened around a handle on my headboard storage unit.  The caddy in the bottom row has a long tab
attached to the caddy back.  The tab can be placed between my mattress and box spring so that my caddy is
in easy reach at the side of my bed.  The underside of the tab is made with non-slip shelf material.  I painted
the top of the lining with glow in the dark acrylic paint so that I can find the opening in the dark.

     Does the Bed Caddy look familiar to you?  It is very similar to the Scrap Bag I shared in May,
2013.  The size is different but the construction instructions are just about the same.  I updated the
instructions to include the patterns for the Bed Caddy.  I also added instructions for making and
attaching the tab that fits between mattress and box springs.  See my New Zip Around Pouch Size
with Loops and More Swirl Pouch Variations blogs for more ideas for additions to the back
of the caddy.  Click the link below to download the updated instructions.

Embroidered Scrap Bag and Bed Caddy.pdf (4.5MB)
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