Fancy Scrap Bag

     When you sew, what do you do with your fabric trimmings and thread ends?  Do
you reach for a trash can?  Mine is too far away -- I can't put it as close to me as I want,
because it gets in the way of my desk's drawers.  Instead, I keep a scrap bag right on my
sewing desk.  It is very handy.

fancy srap bag

     The Fancy Swirl on the scrap bag is one you haven't seen before.  It has 15 loops
like some others, but each half of a loop is its own color.  The progression of colors
follows rainbow order:  red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.  As you may know, I
am very fond of this color arrangement.  I call this design V_split_15_6-color.  I used
the 120x120 mm size for the bag.

     This new design is available individually, and in various design packs.   As the name
suggests, the Fancy Swirls Complete Set includes all the swirl designs.  Click here
to see a design set that includes all the designs in a single size.  Choose the size in the drop
down window at right; the designs available in that size will be shown.  There is also a set
that includes this design in all 5 sizes:  100x100, 120x120, 150x150, 200x200, and 350x360 mm.
For those of you who purchased the Complete Set before I added the new design, this
design pack is the most economical way to augment your collection.  The other swirls
are also available in multi-size design packs.  Only the 15-loop designs include the
350x360 mm hoop size.  Read my Guide to Fancy Swirls and Fancy Swirls Stitch Counts
for more information.  The latter document also explains the names for the designs.

     The instructions and pattern for the scrap bag are available here.  If you want to
hang your scrap bag from a hook, add a loop to the top of the bag back.  You can also
add a tab to that edge, and then attach a pin cushion.

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ladyhawk62 5/4/2013 1:10:27 PM

I ordered Fancy Swirls in large-the 9 count.  I got that.  Then I ordered the V_split_15_6-color in the XXlarge, I did not get this design, all I got was the color chart.Could you look into this for me?



I am sorry you are having difficulty with your order.  Are the embroidery formats listed in a drop down menu on the download page?  I can't check the current arrangement without placing an order of my own, but it used to be that documentation was offered first in the drop down menu and then you could choose the embroidery format you need and download again.  Please check to see if that is the case.  In the meantime I will let the techs know you are having a problem.  Thank you for ordering my swirls!  I hope you like them.


Hi Kitt,

Your issue is being dealt with by our support team, they will contact you soon.

Thanks Pardeep

Those little bags are handy.  I add straps and a pin cushion to mine so they hang over the edge of the table.  

Snips and scraps can be recycled as stuffing for pets and other small items unless you have a humongous scrap pile can can go for more or bigger items to stuff.


Have you received the XXLarge swirl design yet?


Adding straps and pin cushions is a great idea but doesn't work for me.  My desk drawers would not be accessible.

Thread scraps also make colorful additions to bird nests.  I know someone who put her scraps on a bush.  Birds would take it to use for their nests.  Birds must like pretty homes, too.


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