Fancy Swirls on Fancy Pouches

     Individual designs can be found on my Stock Design Page.  My designs are also
available in packs, as described in this blog.  Those can be found here.  For designs and
packs available in multiple sizes, choose the size you want in the drop down menu box.

     You may recall the geometric swirl design I embroidered on a
little purse and showed in my Be Productive blog.  You may
also remember my Zip-Around Eyeglass Cases.  Well, I have recently
been playing with geometric swirl designs and also with my Zip-Around
Eyeglass Case pattern.  Here is a picture of the result of my play,
the Zip-Around Pouch.  It has a larger surface for embroidery so is a
good setting for the design.

swirl pouch small - 18 rep

Can you see the V-like shape in one of the colors?  I digitized
that shape and then repeated it in a circle arrangement.  This
arrangement has 18 repeats alternating in 6 colors, resulting in
a rainbow swirl. 

     You know how much I like rainbow colors, especially on black
fabric!  Compare this second design with the previous one.  You will see
that the new version is rounded rather than angular, and also has
a striped open fill.  There is much more color than before.  I was
thrilled with the difference and wanted to share it with you.

     I couldn't leave well enough alone:  I played with different
numbers of repeats and colors.  Here are two arrangements with 12
repeats.  One uses 2 colors of variegated thread and the other 6 solid
colors.  How do you like the design on polka dots?

2 pouches 12 rep, 3 and 5 color

     Here is a version with 15 repeats in 3 colors.

blue swirl pouch

I liked the way the ends of the V legs met up to form loops, but became
curious:  how would the design look if each loop had one color instead
of two?  To create that arrangement, I had to change the original V
swirl design.  I digitized one leg of the V, added a color change, and
then flipped a copy of the first leg to make the second.  I was then
able to assign colors to the V's legs in order to make the arrangements I
wanted.  Here are designs with 3 and 5 colors.  For a change, I stitched
the 5 color design on white fabric.  Are you shocked?  The colors
seemed to ask for a white background so I gave it a try.  The colors
were right.

2 15 loop pouches

     My new Fancy Swirls design set includes 8 different arrangements
in sizes for 100 x 100, 120 x 120, 150 x 150, and 200 x 200 mm hoops.
The 15-repeat designs are also available for the 350 x 360 mm hoop in
.dst, .hus, .vip, and .vp3 formats.  The designs are provided in left
and right halves.  You can combine them on the machine or stitch one
half and then stitch the other.  If you don't mind re-hooping, you can
also stitch half the design in a 200 x 360 hoop and then rehoop for the
second half.  You can see the entire collection here.

     Click here to download the printable patterns for my two new
sizes of Zip-Around Pouches.  Information about fabric size and where
to position the design on the fabric is included in the document.
(When you print the file, remember to deselect the “Fit to Page” option in your PDF reader!)

     The instructions for making the pouches are the same as for the
Zip-Around Eyeglass Case.  You can download the instructions from
the blog that introduced that project or by clicking here.

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Very very nice

Marielle Phénix, Quebec

I love you swirl designs!

Marielle and Sherryl,

Thank you very much for the kind words.  I am glad you like the designs.


I love how you have arranged and changed and created different looks with this design!


Thank you, Pat.  It is fun to play with variations on a theme.


I liked your description of the process you went through to create the designs. It is generous of you to provide a pattern for the pouches, too. Smile


Thank you for your kind words.  I like giving readers ideas for new things to try in software as well as new projects to sew.  I hope you will try the pouch variations of my eyeglass case project.


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