The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Creating an Heirloom

My Mother did many crafts over her lifetime.  I think her favorite was crochet and eventually was doing beautiful crocheted hangers.  She was very careful with these hangers, she gave only one and only if you were a friend or some other special person.  These were not just any hangers, they were her pride and joy.  Most of them were multi-colored and some had ribbons. She would send me to the store to find just the right hangers.

Since it was obvious that she treated them as quite a treasure, people who received them felt very honored to get one.  She has been gone 7 years now and I still have people tell me that they use mom's hanger for special garments.  They understood that the hanger had meaning.

I have been trying to think of something that could match that magic, that gift with a heart. 

This is what I came up with.  I think this can be used year round, a star for the summer or winter, they glisten in everyone’s life – if they only look.  For decorating, it should be considered to be a ‘sun catcher’ to place in a window or on a mirror.  I will be adding some sort of bling for the fun of it.

If you are not familiar with Free Standing Lace, you are in for a treat!  Check out my Blog about FSL and enjoy this very easy, extremely awesome embroidery technique.

Naturally, I am using Badgemaster.  If you are using any type of water soluble stabilizer, you need to be sure you are using ‘desiccant.’  I have a blog for that too.  The desiccant blog is actually about having a project that is out of the hoop for one reason or another and one terrific/easy way to reinstall it to fix an area or for the remainder of your project.

Just a couple of tips for the use of Badgemaster.  You should not wrap anything around the material itself.  It is very heavy and will cling to itself and you don't need a rubber band or the like. 


However, I always keep my water soluble stabilizer (wss) in a bag such as a batting bag.  They are usually long and full so they make a good selection.