The Avid Embroiderer Presents - The Mother of Invention is really ourselves. And a New Year wish for, well, the new year.

Frankly, 'they' (whoever they are) were correct when they said "Mother" because women do their share and more of figuring out how to make do with so many things. I remember when the kids were little and growing like weeds. Keeping them in clothes was truly a challenge.

Actually, the definition is something like - An expression that means that if you really need to do something, you will think of a way of doing it.

My idea is to create a mobile for those who surround us with love. This idea is too late for this Christmas or Hanukkah but there are plenty of times you can use this one. I am selecting Valentine's Day because this works well for lovers of all types. Find your favorite designs for this occasion, they don't have to be hearts, it can be flowers, stars, or a saying you like. Here are some I personally find to be just right for me:

 Here is my heart which is only $3.95,  right here at AnnTheGran.

I love this design, but it has more than 60,000 stitches. Size notwithstanding, that many stitches indicate a great deal of detail. Sometimes detail is exactly what you want. 

For this design, I would use a transparent type of fabric, possibly nylon or a mesh that is tightly woven. I would use the colors from the top in my bobbin to make it a two-sided design. I might just use a pink in the bobbin making it a little different on each side. There would not really be a 'front and back'.

Before placing the hoop on the machine, I would find a 'frame' type of design. The cost for this frame is 40 cents. . . Since I am going to hang this completed project, I do need a foundation for the decoration.

The gest of this blog is that anything can be a hanging design, not just the FSL (Free-Standing Lace) If you use an especially interesting fabric, placing them in the window can make a really lovely decoration.

I researched good luck things for New Year's Eve but all I found is recipes.  Geeze, food is the only good luck item for New Years? Anyone have a different tradition? How about playing Charades or another game?

Just the same, Happy New Year to all, and to all a good embroidery machine.

Here is the freebie today:

unplug wifi The Avid (142.5KB)
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