Year-Round FSL by Dakota

At this time, there are only a handful of design creators for whom we all would know for certain of the absolute quality and Dakota Collectibles is one of them.  Many of those who have made a name for themselves do have collections here including Adorable Ideas, Amazing Designs, Ann The Gran, Ken Parsons, Mesiano Lace, Morango Designs and Starbird (Holiday designs 50% off).  Many others are up and coming stars in their own rights - African Folklore, Dpoppen (not technically embroidery but a fun and delightful gift for an adventurous child),  




Embroidery Studio, Fancy Jumbles and so many more.  The above are from Dpoppen and they are really cute!!

If you are new to FSL, check out my blog on how to create these show stoppers.

I love Dakota Collectibles because they are very well designed and always a hit.  I am a really big fan of Free Standing Lace (FSL) and the Christmas selection is really beautiful. 


I have done 7 of them for placing on gifts, as gifts and just because I enjoy placing around my home.

But, if you look over the designs, there are several that have year round uses including the bow - place it as an embellishment on a gift.  The color may well dictate a use such as a dynamic gold on a package for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, a nice baby blue for a newborn or a bright yellow for a old, tired toss pillow.

The Cross can be used for a bookmark when gifting a bible for a First Communion or adorn an Easter basket reminding all what the day is really about.  Place it on the corner of your morning mirror to start your day off with a feeling of strength.

The peace bulb can add to the décor for a reception or party and in a silver thread, it would be a bright spot in a garden, handpicked bouquet.  Think of how lovely it would be included in a thoughtful gift to a home coming military person.

The joy design, which is actually 5" by 7", can be a door adornment announcing to all that this home is filled with Joy. 

The star can be used as a design on a child's room especially when they have done something special.  Kids love to be rewarded when they are noticed for being really thoughtful. 

So, make sure you have enough stabilizer around for the new year that is nearly upon us and keep your holiday FSL in mind when you want something really different for all to notice.

Best wishes to you and yours, Pat

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