Easy Zippered Bag: Part 1

You can’t even imagine how easy it is to make a zippered bag like this one. Because there are quite a few steps, and instructions are never quite as good as actually seeing it done, we'll break this project into two pieces to give you plenty of detailed photos.

This tutorial shows how to make the 5x7 bag from the Sew Pretty collection by Pickle Pie Designs. The CD contains a large bag that can be made into a fanny pack, a medium bag that can be turned into a wristlet, and an eyeglass case. Best of all, each alphabet monogram has it's own bag design so you will not need to place and center the monograms. They stitch out with no prep work at the computer.

It really helps to have a program like Embrilliance which lets you click through each color stop and see what area is stitching next.