The Avid Embroiderer Presents – Giving with your heart and make it is easy on your purse.

I just purchased the excellent value “Chocolate Recipes and Towel Bundle”.   I goofed and did not get it the last time it was on special – NOT THIS TIME! 

There is so much good in this bundle that I cannot believe anyone can pass this one up!  I know I am not going to make that mistake again.  For one thing, I know that I don’t have to go out and try to find something that is simple, universal yet unique and a great gift for nearly everyone on my list.   Another thing that is great about this is that it comes ready to be completed including a USB drive with the designs. AND, for our worldwide friends, this one ships International!!

Chocolate Recipes Bundle:

Chocolate lovers rejoice! This collection contains 10 all new chocolate recipe embroidery designs. Instructions to add a coordinating fabric band are included. 

Having trouble finding the blank dish towels to embroidery on? Well here is your answer, buy the embroidery designs and the dish towels together in one package.

  • 10 all new chocolate recipe embroidery designs on a USB drive
  • Formats: .art .dst .exp .hus .jef .pcs .pes .sew .shv .vip .vp3
  • 10, 100% cotton blank Dish Towels in Bahama Blue color

Designs Include Recipes:

  • Cheesecake Brownies

(As if there is not enough calories in brownies already)

  • Chocolate Meringue

(That light meringue is now decadent!)

  • Chocolate Pecan Pie

(Sugar, Butter, Chocolate – the  three main food groups)

  • Chocolate Pots

(Forget a chicken – put chocolate in your pots!)

  • Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

(Finally, a use for that Halloween Pumpkin)

  • Chocolate Strawberries

(Enjoy a little sensuous treat)

  • Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

(That is just about right, make mine a double.)

  • Easy Chocolate Croissants

(Get someone else to do the work – that makes it really easy!)

  • Pudding Pops

(Even Bill Cosby LOVES these)

  • Too Much Chocolate Cake

(There is NO such thing as too much chocolate.)

This sale started on Wednesday the 5th and will end on November 13th, 2014.



The great part of this bundle is that the towels are very simple and the decoration shown on the bottom is EASY PIEZY!  That cuff area is a perfect place for making your towels personalized for your recipient (even when it is YOU!).

Let me show you how to do the cuff/new edge to the bottom portion of the towel.  These towels come in a beautiful Bahama Blue without the cuff!  Since these towels do not need to be holiday oriented, you could make the cuff in a color that suits your mood.  As they say in the food recipes area, "serving suggestions."  The towel cuff is up to you.

You already know to embroider something of your choice, so I will cut to the quick way to make it OUTSTANDING!

Start with a piece of fabric that is about 1" wider than the towel. Make the length to suit your design but it must be at least 4 to 5".  You need room for the fabric of the towel to be rolled up inside the folded up cuff. The longer or more dense the towel, the deeper the cuff needs to be. That will make more sense in the photos.  

I like to iron this piece so that I can see everything and where it should be.


Pin the back side of your cuff to the back side of the towel.  I always pin it so that the pins are pointing away from the fabric.

Roll up the towel.  I like to make sure it is rolled tightly because the cuff is limited in its length.  The more dense the towel fabric, the longer the cuff needs to be. 

Wrap the cuff around the towel roll with the back sides together.  Pin all of the edges together. 

Make sure that all edges are even as you pin.  Keep the roll out of the way of the pins.

Sew a seam as you would normally do.

Your package should look something like this.  The towel is entirely inside the (inside-out) cuff.

Begin to pull out the towel from within the roll.  If you have sewn too close to the roll, this will be difficult.  But, it is a lot like making sausage and putting everything into the casing, only this time, the sausage is coming out of the casing.