A Little Treasure - Should I Or Shouldn't I?


Hi, Folks,

I'm in a bit of a quandary. When I set up this blog, I made it clear to the team here who help me get this to you that I really wanted the blog to focus on projects contributed by the AnnTheGran community. So far, you've all been great with that, and we've seen some great stuff and heard some wonderful stories. What I absolutely didn't want was for this to be was a place to try to sell you more stuff. Everyone has to make a living, so I have AnnTheGran.com to help me pay my bills, and I figure you'll tolerate a few harmless links to my site from here, but I wanted to make very sure that I never crossed the line.

I was contacted the other day by the fine people at Gaballi, whom I've known in one capacity or another for a quite a long time. If I didn't really like the gals who run the place, I wouldn't have even considered it, but I figured, as most of this particular group of products isn't stuff I sell on my site, and if I actually like it, I could justify letting you know about it. I'm counting on you to let me know if I'm crossing the line here (use the Comments link below).

In fact, I'm quite excited to share this little treasure with you. The gals at Gaballi actually offer 6 different product lines, 4 of which are embroiderable, and one of which I sell on AnnTheGran.com. Apparently, they are clearing out some of their inventory. Anyway, they called me and wondered if all my ladies (and a few gents too!) would be interested in a WHOLESALE DISCOUNT on all their products. That's 40% off the retail price of everything in their store. So I replied, "I don't know, I'll ask them!"

So, now I'm asking you. Are you interested? If so, take a browse through their site by clicking here. The way I figure it, your embroidery can add the finishing touch to many of their
products for your family, friends and loved ones, so it could be a great source for holiday shopping and gift giving. I also feel obliged to tell you, because it's the kind of person I am, that I will receive a small commission if you order anything. There are no minimum orders and no sign-up is required. Just be sure to enter the coupon code GRAN in the shopping cart when you check out and the 40% discount will be calculated automatically!

And keep sending me those projects! Click here for details on how to submit your creation.

Best Wishes,


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