Keeping It Simple Storage Cubes Big and Little - Part 3

Tired of boxes yet?  I'm not.  I am hooked for sure.  This one is VERY simple. I made a bunch of these little ones in no time at all. Some for me and some for the girls schoolroom.  But this is the last one,  Here is my smallest storage cube:

What you need:

One 15" square of fabric for the outside

One 15" square of fabric for the lining

Two 15" squares of Décor weight fusible interfacing

A square quilter's ruler

Sewing thread

What you do:

1.  Iron the squares of interfacing onto the wrong side of your fabric squares.

2.   Fold one 15" square in half and then in quarters so that raw edges are aligned.


3.  Cut a 4 1/2" square out of the open corner. 


4.  You should have what looks like a big plus sign.

5. Repeat for the other square.

6.  Take one plus sign and fold, with right sides together,  opposite corners of the plus sign to each other like below picture. 

Pin along outer edges and sew 1/4" seam.  

7.    Open and repeat in the opposite direction.

The box should look like this:

8.   Repeat for the lining.  Turn the lining so it is right side out.9.   

9.   With right sides together, put  your lining box inside your outer box.

Note: By "right sides together" I mean your exterior box will be inside out and the lining box will be right side out. 

Pin  together at the corner seams, making sure the seam allowances are facing opposite directions. This allows you to butt the seams together for easy sewing.  Sew around the raw edge using 1/4" seam leaving an opening in the center of one side for turning.  Turn your box right side out and press the open edge in even with the rest.  Top stitch around to top of the box using a 1/8" seam. 

You can stop here or you can press the corner seams together and sew down the sides like we did in the Big cube and Medium cube.

Finished.  A small box perfect for scraps or a thousand other things.

Now this one appeared to waste fabric because I had to cut out those squares but I just created another, even smaller box to use them up using the medium box method.  it was small so I didn't need to sew down the sides to make it stand square.  The squares would have made quick coasters too but I was in the box making mode. 

I hope you have as much fun making these cute little cubes as I have had.  Be careful, with or without embroidery, they really are addictive.

Take care,


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