The Avid Embroiderer Presents - Tricky Fabric and Stabilizers (AND two freebies)

I do like to create something unexpected when I embroider.  Some times that includes using a textile that may give me some issues to deal with.  This one is just like that and I feel that my work around will make it stable.


The fabric is metallic in multiple pastel colors on a gold background.  It sparkles a lot and is not well captured in this photo.  However, you probably can see that it is very loosely woven making is challenging to stabilize.  I use this for all stretchy fabric. 



I am using the AnnTheGran Water Soluble Adhesive Back Stabilizer.  These two unique additives make for an excellent guard against slippage while being self destructive for your final project.  You will find that this is a very good investment - only $20.99 -  because when you need it, nothing can match it for function.  

If you have a problem removing any two pieces that are pasted together, use the edge of your scissors to score a corner.  Bend the corner and you have instant removal.



The heart, available here for free to club members,  Ann-The-Gran/Heart-Flowers I chose this heart because I have used it before and it is rich looking.  The satin stitching is very wide and snug.  I am eliminating the flower because it is not needed.  


On the machine, I place the positioning stitching.  As you know, that is for placement of your piece of applique fabric.  For this particular design, it only has a single stitching for placement, I also want a 'tack down' for keeping my top fabric right on the original textile.  


All I need to do is when the first placement line is done, place my fabric and ask my machine to go back one (making the placement a tack down) color.  It is really easy.


I am using my 'centering ruler' (I use it for so many things, like hanging pictures, etc.), to find the size I want for my net and stabilizer.  The centering ruler helps keep waste down!  At that same URL location, there is a 2 minute video by Eileen Roche.  This ruler is part of the "Embroiderer's Tool Kit" and frankly, it is one terrific kit.  You would not try to cook Thanksgiving Dinner without a baster and thermometer, and embroidery requires great tools as well, so many of which are in that kit.


The ruler indicates 4" (99mm) by 3" (75mm).  





In this case, it does not matter if I place the adhesive on the top or bottom of the fabric.  However, since it is a netting, I placed the adhesive, water soluble stabilizer on top of the netting.  Remember, my netting is actually metallic threads woven together, if a needle should catch one strand, that would be a snag that ruins my project.

The adhesive from the stabilizer still has a little sticky because of the open weave fabric so I can attach it lightly to the base fabric.



After trimming away my outside edge, I start my satin stitching. In this case, I could trim closely or a little distant because the satin stitch is very wide.  I have had some 'applique' designs with small and/or sparse satin stitching and it does NOT have the beauty of the one shown here.  Yeah!! for Ann, it is her design.


Then I added the words in metallic thread.  I got this thread a couple of years ago here at ATG.  You can see, Ann's Club price is $3.00 per spool!  You also get multiple shades of gold and silver.  If you are doing something elegant, such as a wedding piece, multiple shades will add dimension to your work and give it a WOW factor.


I wish I had done the heart in metallic as well.  And, don't forget to make the speed on your machine lower for easier use of these threads.  They have come a long way and are much more sturdy but every little thing can cause breakage.




Here it is ready to have the stabilizer removed.




It is much prettier in person, but you get the idea.  The 'Be My Valentine' is Ann's gift to you.  The heart, link above, is free and so is this valentine phrase.


Enjoy ❣



The heart design is free to club members and available at this link.   Download here for the wording. Be My Valentine (73.2KB) 

Here is a tip for those of us who love our inexpensive treat, popped corn.  To keep those pesky kernels from breaking our teeth, after popping in the microwave, just open the bag enough to shake out the kernels.  Then open it as you normally would and appreciate a simple delight from your childhood.

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Love that metallic applique fabric - great idea!

What is the netting fabric and where did you get it?
Thank you

What kind of fabric netting is that?  Where can I purchase it?
Thank you

That soft netting was in the special fabrics area of Joanne's Fabrics.  Around any of the holidays, you can find some that are color specific to the holiday.  In this case, I think I got it around Christmas but the colors were all over the place and absolutely fantastic.  

Also, I use this method for any stretch fabric, including sweaters, swim fabrics and others.  Stabilizers make or break your vision.  I cannot emphasize that enough.  

My next blog, on 2/26/2016 is going to be about tips and tricks and I know that you will want to read that one!

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