Keeping it Simple – Quick Layered Butterflies

We are still (or maybe I should say again) working on the girl’s bedroom makeover from last Fall.  Life, as it many times does, just got in the way.  But we are back at it and determined to finish it in the next couple of weeks before the school year begins.  Today was hot, hot, hot!  So we needed something to do inside with the girls.  A perfect day to make something so we decided to do some layered butterflies.  The small ones we made into push pins for their bulletin boards which we have started and not yet completed – maybe next week.  These cute little butterflies would also be perfect on headbands, hair clips, magnets or maybe even on the corner of a picture frame or lamp shade. Here is what our completed butterflies look like:

Here is what you need:

One rectangle or scrap of fabric larger than the 5”x7” hoop for each layered butterfly

Spray starch or liquid stabilizer

The small butterfly design (you can download it at the bottom of the blog)

Coordinating embroidery thread

Small, sharp scissors

A button accent for the center.

A push pin or whatever you want to attach your finished butterfly to


Here is what you do:

1.       Starch or stabilize the fabric according to the manufacturer’s directions.

2.       Hoop the fabric (we did not put any stabilizer in the hoop for these since we had used liquid stabilizer).

3.       Load and embroider the small butterflies design and sew.  It will make six little butterfly outlines in the hoop.

4.       Remove from the hoop.  Carefully cut around the outside the stitching of each butterfly.

5.       Stack the butterflies and sew a line down the center of the stack.

6.       Hot glue a button on top if desired and then glue to the push pins, headband or whatever you would like to accent.

We had a great time with this little project and the girls are looking forward to putting everything up in their room.  It is especially fun when they can say “I made that”.

Here are a few other embroidered items we made for this room:

Butterfly Canvases   

Picture Board

Tied Pillows

We only have a couple more things to make and we can reveal their purple butterfly bedroom.

Take care,


Butterflies (17.8KB)

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marshasblog 9/4/2016 10:35:04 PM

Keeping it simple Smile Thanks for sharing!

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