The Avid Embroiderer Presents - It's Tip Time and a Christmas Freebie that will have you singing . . .

I hope you had a chance to see my '3D' blog, I am excited about it. I am planning to incorporate the 3D factor in more of my Freebies. Please do let me know your experiences with my Freebies and tips. This one hit the mark for my embroidery experience. Knowing your input helps me a LOT!! 

My embroidery tip this time is about 'cutaway' stabilizers. I only have 2 hands and working with cutaway can be challenging, it never wants to stay put - kind of like kids. 

  1.  After cutting your stabilizer, take a moment to roll it up opposite of how it came off the roll. If you can roll it in a tight format, it will be softer to work with and not degrade the stability.
  2.  Place the stabilizer only into the hoop and tighten your hoop completely. Without the fabric, it is a molding process that makes it more 'stable.' 
  3.  If you are using a dense or napped fabric, you can pin the fabric without hooping it. (Float the fabric.) If you can't pin the fabric (like vinyl or leather), use a large binder clips. They are available in the $10 range and useful all around the house. They are even adorable enough to be a great stocking stuffer!
  4.  For more friendly fabrics, assemble your project and, as always, use a basting stitch to make your project slip proof.  That basting stitch can be 'smaller' than the design, you will be removing it with some of the baste left hidden under the design. 
  5. For professionally applied cutaway check the embroidered sweatshirts right in your own closet. Additionally, check out the inside of different manufacturers at your local store. As always, follow the pros!

The Christmas Freebie will have a song dancing around in your head. Sorry about that! 

It is a lot of fun for me to create a Freebie and this one is a big favorite with me. The holidays need to have a theme and lots of laughter ❣

Be sure to make each color pop on this one. Any of the colors can be done in metallic but the tree, thread # 5 and # 6 is especially terrific in a sparkling color. Hang this design or create a pillow. It will be a forever favorite! 

Tip - make a link for Ann's Deal of the Day and check back often. You are always going to find items that are reduced and of high quality. 

Thank you for checking out my blog. I love writing it and hope you find inspiration, information, and ideas right here.

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