Top Reasons to Own an Embroidery Machine By Helen Spencer

Embroidery, whether it's done by hand or with the help of an embroidery machine, is undoubtedly a form of art. But doing it by hand has its fair number of drawbacks. Not only does it take considerably longer to finish but it also doesn't offer as much possibilities as an embroidery machine does.

After all, these machines were invented so that you don't have to do things by hand anymore. But there's more to this story because embroidery machines offer a lot more than that actually. What do they offer exactly and why should someone own it, you ask? Well let's find out right away with these following ten reasons for owning an embroidery machine.

Reason #1: Create unique and imaginative gifts

Everyone can go to the store and buy an already made gift for your friends or family members when it's their birthday or some other occasion which requires handing out presents. They will say that they love that gift even if they actually don't and they probably won't ever use it again.

But if you use an embroidery machine and invest effort and time in order to create something, something coming directly from your heart and give it as a gift, they will surely love and use that present later on.

You can add embroidery to almost anything, which is why it's so great for creating gifts. Take a normal shirt, add embroidery to it and you got yourself a nice and original present. Tablecloths, gloves, skirts, pants, and even hats can all be improved by adding embroidery to them. A monogrammed item for a newborn baby or a baby shower is a gift that will be cherished and remembered!

Reason #2: Turn your store bought clothes into unique pieces

If you buy your clothes in stores, obviously you won't be the only one wearing that type of garment. Who knows how many people have bought or will buy an identical piece and wear it often.

However, you don't have to wear an exact copy like those people will be doing. Instead, you can apply an embroidery design to that piece and you'll end up with a completely different, unique product that will demonstrate your creativity and skill.

Reason #3: Quilting is much easier with an embroidery machine

If you are not an expert in free motion quilting, let the embroidery machine do the hard work for you – it will do the perfect machine quilting. This means that you can make anything from unique quilt blocks to entire quilts.

Reason #4: Inspiration isn't required

We all have those barren, drought periods when it comes to inspiration. But fortunately for us, they don't need to get in the way of practicing embroidery. Thanks to the internet, you can find a lot of embroidery designs online with just a few clicks. You can then either use them as they are or alter it a little, turning it into your own creation.

Reason #5: Make creative products with it

With an embroidery hoop, you get to make interesting little products like zippered bags, cell phone holders, or original pencil holders with ease. After that you can sell them online and earn some pocket money while you're at it.

Reason #6: Start a home business

This reason builds up on the previous one because it also represents a method for earning a decent amount of money. First decide what kind of work you'll be doing and then start accepting customers. You can focus on adding embroidery to clothes, quilts, toys or accessories like bags and hats. Just pick a category and sew away.

Reason #7: Monogramming - make yourself feel like royalty

You know how high class people have their name on anything made from fabric in their house? Well, with an embroidery machine you can find out how that feels like. Add letters in various fonts to your towels, bathrobes, under1wear, purses and more. Ditch fast fashion, buy quality items and personalize them

Reason #8: Decorate your house in an imaginative way

Instead of hanging normal pictures on the wall, you can use an embroidery machine to stitch out a pattern, design or a scene on a piece of fabric, frame it and hang it on the wall. It will look like a regular picture on a glimpse but after your guests take a better look, they'll realize just how original and creative you are.

Reason number nine: Make your own fabrics

If you can't find an appropriate fabric for your next project, you can just create it yourself. Animal prints? No problem. Tribal patterns? Once again, not a problem, you can make them relatively easily.

Final reason: Recreate antique embroidery in a flash

Redwork, cross stitch and hardanger - whether we're talking about famous embroidery works or less famous ones, it doesn't really matter that much. With an embroidery machine you get to duplicate it in a very short time period. If your grandma needed two months to complete it, you will probably be able to finish it in few hours.

 Well, are these reasons enough for you to purchase an embroidery machine?


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Great ideas and WELCOME Helen. I look forward to your viewpoint on the many facets of machine embroidery.

Since AnnTheGran is a well read, universal site, we are happy to have you on board from every corner of the world.

Perhaps you might want to share the surprises you found when you started embroidering. i.e., thread is not just thread or how you select a design.

May you be blessed in ways you have not yet imagined.  

Pat, The Avid Embroiderer

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